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SAP Hybris 解决方案:拥抱数字化解决方案,颠覆行业格局

SAP Hybris 解决方案中融入了各行各业的知识,能帮助解决你所在行业的特定挑战。而且,我们的解决方案能够集成工作,这样,你就可以安心地专注于开展客户互动,推动业务发展。

Future-proof your business with SAP Hybris Solutions

The SAP Hybris portfolio of products and our wide array of partners, combined with SAP’s industry solutions, help you create top-notch experiences across the entire omnichannel customer journey.

Using SAP Hybris products for commerce, marketing, revenue, sales and service, you can offer customer engagement that meets the needs of both the consumer and your business. With SAP Hybris, give your customers what they’re demanding – a seamless and delightful experience across every channel and every device, at any time.

SAP Hybris 解决方案:轻松实现数字化转型

深入了解 SAP Hybris 的专业知识、智慧和创新如何帮助你在当下实现企业转型,并为未来做好准备。


SAP Hybris helps the automotive industry navigate the future and drive outstanding customer engagement.

Banking & Finance
SAP Hybris helps you transform data into insights and personalized products for banking and finance customers.
Consumer Products
With SAP Hybris solutions for consumer products, go from filling carts to winning hearts.
SAP Hybris 解决方案能帮助企业与新一代的医疗保健消费者高效互动,交付无缝、个性化的消费者友好型体验。
利用 SAP Hybris 面向高科技行业的解决方案,你能够持续开展创新,打造能吸引每位客户的出色体验。
Bring the personal touch back to the insurance industry with SAP Hybris solutions.
Life Sciences

Engage customers and optimize their journey with SAP Hybris Solutions for Life Sciences.

Create outstanding experiences for your B2B customers, with digital tools and solutions from SAP Hybris.
Media and Entertainment

SAP Hybris enables media and entertainment companies to monetize content in new ways.

Professional Services

Take care of business with SAP Hybris professional services solutions

Public Sector
Engage the modern citizen with personalized, on-demand experiences, with SAP Hybris solutions for the public sector.
Create engaging customer experiences across every channel with SAP Hybris solutions for the retail industry.

Own the relationship with your fans and deliver the ultimate fan experience with SAP Hybris.

Telecommunications customers want on-demand content on any device, and SAP Hybris helps you deliver.
Engage the digitally connected traveler, from booking to post-trip follow-up, with SAP Hybris solutions.
While external forces and modern customers shake up utilities, SAP Hybris helps you innovate and grow.
Video Games

The SAP Hybris omni-channel commerce solution lets video game companies offer choice to gamers in how they buy.

Wholesale distributors need a simple solution for a complicated digital age, and SAP Hybris can help.