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Revegy Account Planning

Revegy is a customer-centric account planning platform with built in visualization that provides enterprise sales teams with the clarity they need to uncover customer challenges, identify high value revenue opportunities and maximize the lifetime value of key accounts.

We deliver a proven framework and technology designed to protect, defend and grow existing revenues. Our collaborative visual platform delivers a deeper understanding of the customer’s business, a roadmap to coordinate the sales approach and an executable plan for growing account revenue in a constantly changing landscape.

By unlocking the value of data formerly sequestered in traditional manual sales processes, Revegy’s visual platform helps you align your solutions with your customer’s goals and objectives so reps and account managers direct their focus to realize mutual value.

  • Easily identify the accounts that offer the best opportunities for additional revenue.
  • Effectively collaborate and communicate with your account team and your customers.
  • Quickly assess the true health of any account relationship and identify customers at risk.
  • Build customer loyalty by aligning your resources and solutions with key customer strategies and initiatives.
  • Save time by automatically aggregating account research and social media content.
  • Create consistency in your team’s execution while adapting to specific customer needs.
Partner Information

Give your sales team the benefit of Visual Account Planning tools so they can clearly see how to expand business in key accounts and execute sales strategies that result in revenue growth and stronger strategic relationships.

  • Guided, visual selling that fits with your methodology and sales process.
  • Online, collaborative tools that maps out the complex factors that determine successful account strategies including relationships, influencers, corporate goals and KPIs, driving critical thinking and strategic selling.
  • Empowers sales and account management teams with a panoramic view of white space opportunities and uncovers the risks and blind spots that lead to delays and lost deals.
  • Configurable to any sales process or methodology and uniquely suited for complex, strategic and enterprise sales and strategic account management.