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SAP Hybris 收入管理产品


借助 SAP Hybris Billing 企业预置型解决方案,你能够提高你在复杂合作伙伴生态系统中的盈利能力,转售他们的产品与服务,并获得相应的收入分成;准确地预测新定价模式的成效,并提供有针对性的产品和服务优惠。

借助 SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud,你能够通过云端灵活地提供简单、个性化的 CPQ(配置、定价和报价)、订单管理和订阅计费体验;获得所需的速度和敏捷性,适应当今快节奏的经济环境。


Revenue in the Cloud

Go beyond linear, fixed monetization processes with a solution that lets you anticipate your customers’ needs and plan and adapt your system accordingly. Find the CPQ, billing and ordering solutions you need with the dynamic agility of the cloud, so you can deliver personalized experiences that set you apart.
*Currently available in U.S. only

Subscription Order Management

Acquire new customers with targeted subscription offers, give them the consistent omni-channel experience they demand with responsive changes to existing subscriptions that resonate and keep customers coming back for more.

Responsive Quality Control

Measure customer data in real-time or batch and react flexibly. Mediation by DigitalRoute makes sure data is collected, streamlined and consolidated for pricing and charging, while Service Control helps you act and react to that data, providing real-time service for a better user experience. This combination delivers a seamless flow of measured usage data directly from your network into downstream systems such as billing and fraud management.

Agile Charging

Put your customer at the center of your prepaid and postpaid subscription business models with tailored subscription offers brought to market faster than the competition. An intuitive, coding-free user interface provides usage-based pricing support, while shared revenue calculations results in accurate bills and happy partners.


The clearer and more accurate the bill you send your customers, the happier they will be and the fewer questions you’ll have to deal with. The invoicing component of SAP Hybris Billing pulls billing information from different lines of business and third-party partners, consolidating it in a single, clear summary. It also delivers more personalized services such as invoice-level discounting.

Versatile Document Management

With Digital Documents by OpenText you can easily create and personalize business communications – in both digital and hard-copy formats – including bank statements, bills, invoices and receipts without IT intervention. It integrates with other SAP Hybris customer service and commerce applications to keep your communications in one place so you can serve your customers better.

Customer Financial Management

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce lost revenue with our customer financials solution. It manages the revenue flow with highly-automated receivables and payments handling, through sophisticated credit and collections, giving your agents a 360° view of financial customer data for better, more relevant support.

Consolidated Billing

Streamline billing for complex products and services. SAP Hybris Billing, flexible solution billing lets you bring packages of products, subscriptions and usage services into a single quote, contract and invoice for better accuracy, satisfied customers and fewer payment delays.

MGI 360 市场排名报告:灵活的计费解决方案,2016 年

在颠覆性的数字经济时代,企业需要借助计费解决方案,快速地将不断涌现的新业务机会转化为收入。那么,什么样的计费软件解决方案才能做到这一点呢?MGI 360 市场排名 (MGI 360 Market Ratings) 报告详细阐述了计费软件解决方案需满足的主要要求。此外,在该报告中,MGI Research 基于他们长期以来进行的研究、分析和现场咨询工作,利用客户、供应商、生态系统合作伙伴以及行业从业人员提供的信息,为企业提供了一系列选择建议。

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