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FC Bayern Munich: Engages with Soccer Fans Leveraging the Combination of SAP Hybris Commerce & Marketing 案例研究
MEGA eG: Conquering the B2B Craft Sector with SAP Hybris Solutions and SAP HANA MEGA eG is a German assorted goods wholesale business for craftspeople, like painters, floor layers and plasterers. Today, MEGA eG serves 45,000 customers, provides 75,000 products and processes 1.7 million orders annually. With SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Marketing powered by SAP HANA, MEGA eG is able to deliver a new online shop including the Customer Self-Service Portal (MyMEGA). With the new B2B commerce site, MEGA eG can now meet the customer expectations anytime and anywhere. 案例研究
Angus & Robertson Bookworld: Writing a New Chapter in Customer Experience with SAP Hybris Commerce for B2C 案例研究
Doka Group: Cements a first-class customer experience and nails down major cost savings 案例研究
TXU Energy: Extending the customer relationship beyond commodities with SAP Hybris Billing 案例研究 Fresh Food with One Click Leveraging SAP Hybris as a Service 案例研究
mobilcom-debitel: Mit SAP Hybris Commerce können Kunden zukünftig neue digitale und Instore Funktionalitäten nutzen (German language only) 案例研究
DNA´s Digital Business Transformation Journey with SAP Hybris Commerce 案例研究
Frucor Suntory: Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation With Full Range of SAP Hybris Solutions 案例研究
Karma Automotive: Can a customer experience be as luxurious as a sports car? 案例研究
LIDS: Advancing Digital Transformation with Help by SAP Hybris Cloud Services and Expert Services 案例研究
Swisscom: Scaling for Business Transformation and Offering New Digital Services with SAP Hybris Billing 案例研究
Maxim Integrated: Driving Digital Teams to Enable Increased Global Sales Growth 案例研究
Helping customers find their dream fabrics quickly from among thousands of choices 案例研究
IPKO: Achieving a Customer-Centric Transformation with SAP Hybris Billing 案例研究 Driving Customer Activation Using the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution Solution 案例研究
Coop@Home – New User Experience 案例研究
Developing innovative solutions: SAP SuccessFactors Learning Marketplace 案例研究
Tata CLiQ: Transforming the Digital Marketplace with SAP Solutions for Improved Customer Satisfaction 案例研究
SPAR: Digitale Transformation vom traditionellen Handel zum Online Handel mit SAP Hybris Commerce 案例研究
Nicolas – French Wine, Champagne and Spirits Retailer: Increasing Online Sales with a New Store Based on SAP Hybris CommerceFrench Wine, Champagne and Spirits Retailer: Increasing Online Sales with a New Store Based on SAP Hybris Commerce 案例研究
TUI Poland: Reaching New Heights in Traveler Satisfaction with the SAP Hybris Commerce Solution 案例研究
SAP Runs SAP: SAP Partner Catalog Launch 案例研究
TEREX MHPS launches online store to simplify order handling and processing 案例研究
Maui Jim: Personalizing customer experience & expanding globally with SAP Hybris 案例研究
Cintas: Delivering a Digital Customer Experience 案例研究
SAP Store gains greater efficiencies thanks to SAP Hybris Commerce upgrade 案例研究
New Pig Corp. soaks up the benefits with SAP Hybris enterprise commerce solutions 案例研究
TXU Energy: Increasing Revenue by Crafting the Right Pricing Offers in Real Time 案例研究
ATB Financial: Driving Customer Digital Banking Sales, Onboarding, and Activation with SAP Hybris Commerce 案例研究
Customer Testimonial with T-Systems 案例研究
Trek Bicycle Corporation brings bikes and gear directly to
customers with SAP Hybris Commerce
Vibracoustic: Managing Complex Sales Planning Globally with SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Sales 案例研究
Maui Jim – Personalizing Customer Experience & Expanding Globally with SAP Hybris 案例研究
Buffalo David Bitton: Offering customers speed and ease of use with the SAP Hybris Commerce solution 案例研究
Transforming e-commerce platform to boost customer satisfaction and sales with SAP Hybris solutions 案例研究
National Hockey League: Engaging Fans and Retaining Site Visitors 45% Longer by Partinering with SAP Hybris 案例研究
Agrokor: Launching a spellbinding new e-commerce brand based on SAP Hybris Commerce 案例研究
IPH Group: Providing a consistent, seamless purchasing experience with SAP Hybris Solutions. 案例研究
HSE24: Cutting Lead Time for Campaigns From Weeks to Hours with SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hana 案例研究
Li-Ning:Boosting sales with SAP Hybris B2C Commerce 案例研究
Dramatically increasing online hits and revenue with SAP Hybris Commerce, cloud edition 案例研究
QIAGEN: Improving the customer experience with SAP Hybris solutions 案例研究
Expanding into new online markets provides massive revenue growth for Tumi 案例研究
SAP Hybris Billing Customer Interview with ALBtelecom 案例研究
Purchasing Power: Providing customers with a revolutionary, stress-free buying experience and a responsible way to pay 案例研究
Bestore - Solving the challenges of Singles’ Day in China with omni-channel transformation 案例研究
ALBtelecom:Customer experience transformation with SAP Hybris Billing 案例研究
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