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For decades, FPX has been the go-to vendor for addressing incredibly complex Quote-to-Order business processes for multi-channel organizations. On-premise or in the cloud, the FPX application seamlessly transforms any business process spanning CRM and ERP, so your business can run at its full potential.

Now part of the hybris Extend Marketplace, FPX:

  • Provides key functionality across SAP’s Customer Engagement & Commerce (CEC) product lines, including hybris, Cloud for Customer, and SAP On-Premise CRM.
  • Defines optimal Quote-to-Order processes as a central service and deploys for an Omni-Channel strategy – gone are the days requiring you to define and maintain processes for each channel individually.
  • Enables you to run complex business processes in the cloud with confidence.


Experience the power and freedom of a single solution that pulls and rationalizes your scattered and disconnected customer, pricing, product, and business data sets, so you can define rules and relationships from a single environment.

  • Advanced Product and Pricing Configuration: Ensures 100% accurate and optimized quotes.
  • Real-Time Price Optimization: Based on products, bundles, and promotions.
  • Quotes: Produce the optimal quote within hours and minutes: rather than days and weeks: anytime, anywhere.
  • Comprehensive Workflow Manager: Define review and approval processes to accelerate revenue velocity.
  • Guided Selling: Enable each of your sales channels to sell like your best subject matter expert.
  • Up-sell/Cross-sell: Automatically recommends logical add-ons based on initial product selections, so you can realize your full revenue potential.
  • Dashboard with Deal Progress: Confidently see and know where all revenue opportunities exist at any time and what’s required to close successfully.
  • Proposal Generation: Generate professional sales proposals that are 100% accurate, customizable and ready for signatures.
  • E-Signature: A value-added component to help recognize revenue faster.
  • Sales Contract Management: Automate a straight-through business process all the way through order capture.
  • Contract Renewal Automation: Streamline and simplify the renewal process so you can identify and pursue the maximum potential of each customer.
  • Demand-driven supply chain forecasting: By automating the quote and order process, supply chain management has better visibility concerning what’s needed and when.
  • Order Generation: Now, quotes and proposals can be actioned into orders to streamline your revenue processes even further.
  • Advanced Visualization: Show your clients real-time solution representations with advanced visualization capabilities, rather than just quotes of products and prices.
  • Multi-Channel Enablement: A unifying platform to drive the Quote-to-Order process across selling and buying channels.
  • Cloud Data Manager: Implement near real-time updates to product and pricing information without coding.
  • Predictive Analytics: Make your big data actionable at the point of sale or service.
  • Device Independent Mobility: An elegant and responsive user interface enabling you to extend your high impact business processes across any device, anywhere, at anytime.
Partner Information

FPX is an independent software vendor and SAP partner with 30+ years of experience in solving complex sales operations challenges for multi-channel organizations. On-premise or in the cloud, the FPX application works seamlessly to transform any business process spanning CRM and ERP systems. We empower customers to significantly increase revenue performance while lowering costs and errors associated with manual sales and order-management processes.

FPX provides key functionality across SAP’s Customer Engagement & Commerce (CEC) product lines through seamless integration with hybris, Cloud for Customer, and On-Premise CRM.