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Versatile Document Management

Create personalized, effective customer communications, accessible from any device with Digital Documents by OpenText

To properly track customer engagement and service, you need all your communications in one place, accessible from anywhere. Digital Documents by OpenText helps to improve your communications, thanks to its intuitive interface for computers and mobile devices.

With Digital Documents you can easily create banking statements, SAP Hybris Commerce order confirmations, product information, quotes, contracts, bills, paper and electronic invoices, receipts and coupons. It’s easy to personalize business communications without IT intervention. Digital Documents easily integrates with other SAP Hybris customer engagement and commerce applications, to give you the centralized communications you need to provide excellent customer service and make sales.

With the new solution, when a change becomes necessary we only have to make it once, not 75 times, and it is immediately available on all relevant sales products. This saves us time, up to 80% on development costs and we can deliver in one day what used to take us a week.

Gerben de Vuyst IT Architect, YPTO NV

Аналитический отчет «Рейтинг рынка MGI 360»: гибкие решения для выставления счетов, 2016 г.

В революционную эпоху цифровой экономики компаниям необходимы решения для биллинга, которые позволяют быстро монетизировать новые бизнес-возможности. Из отчета «Рейтинг рынка MGI 360» вы получите детальную информацию об основных требованиях, предъявляемых к решениям для биллинга. Отчет также включает рекомендации, основанные на исследованиях, анализе и выездных консультациях MGI Research и данных от клиентов, поставщиков, партнеров по экосистеме и специалистов отрасли.

Digital Documents by OpenText: key features

Changes to documents are available immediately across all company products, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Reduce mailing and distribution costs by 50%.

Reduce TCO by consolidating communication processes, eliminating dependency on third-party technologies and relieving IT of document maintenance.