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Valentine 2015

Valentine’s Day is increasingly becoming a last-minute panic buy for consumers. But instead of approaching this as a logistical challenge, you should embrace it as an opportunity to earn enduring customer loyalty that lasts all year long.

Loyalty is dependant on the ability of the brand to offer a consistent and compelling experience regardless of the touchpoint.

So, how can you manage periods of intense peak demand while still offering your customers the experience they crave?

Download our White Paper now and find out about
  The growing relationship between experience, loyalty and repeat sales
  New buyer behaviours and the development of relationships across multiple touch-points
  The blueprint for developing customer-centric strategies that deliver profitable and long-term growth

Download our Perfect Commerce Experience White Paper!


Do you want to hear about an unusual Valentine’s Day shopper?

Read our Interflora Blogpost and find out about

  A new type of Valentine’s Shopper: the digital one
  What is his typical buyer journey?
  Interflora and their best practices in offering a true customer-centric Valentine’s Day experience

Read our My #BRANDLOVE Story : Interflora!

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  Roundtable Discussion in London 12th of March 2015 “Wrapping up after Christmas and Black Friday”
  Breakfast Session in London 23rd of April 2015 “Engaging the Digital Consumer…
Can you decode the modern consumer’s digital fingerprint … to create the perfect brand and product experience”
  NG Retail in Portugal, 21st to 23rd of April