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Impinj Internet of Things (IoT) Connector for SAP Hybris Commerce


Lack of inventory data or inaccurate inventory data prevents retailers from fully leveraging omnichannel opportunities. Poor accuracy requires retailers to set safety stock limits that effectively hide inventory from online shoppers. And worse, customers are disappointed when orders are canceled or delayed or items are not available as promised in stores. The cost of fulfillment escalates when orders are routed to stores that don’t have, or can’t find, the promised item.

The Impinj IoT Connector connects RAIN RFID infrastructure to SAP Hybris Commerce to deliver accurate, real-time inventory data. This data can help retailers make better inventory and supply chain decisions that result in fewer markdowns, reduced inventory and improved shopper experiences online and in-store. The solution from Impinj and SAP Hybris maximizes products available to promise while driving down the time and cost needed to fulfill. Retailers find that, with RAIN RFID based inventory accuracy, they can reduce supply chain and store inventory while postponing store allocations. The result is more centralized fulfillment, fewer markdowns, and lower working capital in the supply chain. Barriers between channels are removed and customers have a better, satisfying shopping experience.


The Impinj IoT Connector for SAP Hybris Commerce can:

  • Enable effective online and in-store fulfillment, and reduce inventory, through improved order-routing decisions
  • Sell inventory down to the last item and last size, resulting in fewer markdowns
  • Reduce the risk of overpromising items by using accurate available-to-promise data
  • Deliver an integrated omnichannel experience that can facilitate a sales uplift and improve shopper experiences
  • Reduce working capital by removing the need for safety stock buffers

The Impinj IoT Connector leverages the Hybris Data Hub for simple, extensible and scalable data integration and mastering.

Partner Information
Impinj is a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions. We deliver ItemIntelligence – a physical items’ unique identity, location and authenticity – to the digital world. We believe Item Intelligence is the essence of the Internet of Things. Our platform connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, automobile parts, drivers’ licenses, food and luggage to applications such as inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication. This real-time information delivers real-time, reliable information to businesses about the items they create, manage, transport and sell.