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Marketing Free Trial Videos

Welcome to the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud free trial video library. Hybris Marketing Cloud allows organizations to gain deeper customer insights and deliver contextually relevant customer experiences that matters. Check out the following Hybris Marketing free trial videos to understand how best to use the Hybris Marketing free trial to see how the solution can help you to better connect and engage with your customers.

• Overview
• Consumer and Customer Profiling
• Segmentation
• Marketing Analytics
• Next Steps

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Free Trial: Overview

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud brings together tools that help you to understand and engage your customers in real-time across channels.

This video gives you an overview of the free trial version, where you can explore our solution using pre-loaded data.

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Free Trial: Consumer and Customer Profiling

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud empowers you to better understand your customers and customer journeys and build 360-degree customer profiles.

;In this video we show you how the Profile Dashboard and Sentiment Engagement in the free trial give you deep customer insights based on pre-loaded data. ;

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Free Trial: Segmentation

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud provides a high-performance, real-time segmentation tool to help you identify the right segments and target groups, to ensure that your campaigns and messages are aimed at the right audiences.

;In this video we show you, how you can use the segmentation tool in the free trial to quickly build new segments by filtering on any attribute available in trial system. From any segment, you can create target groups and then develop a focused marketing campaign. ;

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Free Trial Marketing Analytics

Various analytical tools and reports are available in our SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud to help you understand and drive marketing activities based upon performance and ROI.

;In this video we show you a couple of the individual campaign success reports that are available in the free trial. These reports help you to understand campaign success and make mid-course adjustments.

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Free Trial: Next Steps

There is plenty more to see and explore in the free trial of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. In this video we show you some of the other features that we haven’t covered yet in our video series. Be sure to watch the other videos, which show key features that are available in the free trial in more detail.