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Attracting a New Market with Subscription Management and Billing Solutions

Thursday, 20 February 2014, 2pm EST

Join Pat Nieman, SVP of Technology at TransUnion Interactive as he discusses how TransUnion was able to integrate subscription management and billing solution to power, a consumer credit check service designed to help TransUnion differentiate and attract a critical new market segment.

Pat and his team leveraged the capabilities of hybris software and Vindicia to provide a unique user experience that enabled Zendough’s growth. Attendees will hear about how digital delivery of goods and services can transform a business and enable organic growth. In this webinar, Pat will share his thoughts on:

  • Designing a unique user experience to win new market segment
  • Selecting the right partners to implement it; and
  • Offer “lessons learned” while following through on TransUnion’s digital strategy

Registration includes a complimentary copy of the case study, TransUnion Interactive does what it takes to reach new, savvy consumers with zendough™.