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Development Architect

The key objective of the YaaS architecture team is to oversee the YaaS ecosystem and to enable SAP Hybris teams to deliver the YaaS platform itself but also solutions built on top it.

At the time being the team consists of six people. Its members are located in Munich, Vienna and Chicago. Working temporarily from remote is an option but working from Munich is preferred.

Expectations and Tasks
  • Hybris is well known for its on premise e-commerce solution and wants to further evolve its innovative YaaS cloud-based e-commerce offering, known as CaaS. This initiative requires architecture leadership.
  • Driving the technology strategy, architecture vision, and architecture blueprints for the CaaS solution
  • Facilitating the re-use of ideas, components, and proven patterns inside the CaaS teams
  • Influence common modeling, design and software engineering practices
  • Support the non-technical Product Owners in their activities
  • Support the teams and make them even stronger

Education and Qualifications / Skills and Competencies

Required skills

  • Must have a master degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Must have the experience to deliver and sustain cloud-grade micro-service solutions
  • Must have experience in delivering e-commerce solutions
  • Must have been working in customer facing roles
  • Must be a team player and flexible to work in a versatile environment
  • Must be able to oversee and manage a growing IT ecosystem
  • Must have verbal and written fluency in English


Preferred skills

  • Developing distributed systems with e.g. Java
  • Container technologies, e.g. docker
  • Cloud IaaS providers, e.g. Amazon web services

Work Experience
  • deliver and sustain cloud-grade solutions: > 4 years
  • delivering e-commerce solutions: > 4 years
  • working in customer facing roles: > 4 years

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