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Information and buying behavior analysis of business customers in B2B sales

In January 2012 the E-Commerce-Center Handel (ECC Handel), one of the leading research institutes in the field of e-commerce and trade, polled more than 1.0000 decision makers from various industries and commercial sectors about their multi-channel information and buying patterns of their last purchase made for their company. The study is focusing on Decision makers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and reflecting different sales channels like personal contact, print media and online shops, as well as the internet in general as a wide range of information media. In addition, differences in the multi-channel behavior between the D-A-CH countries are identified.


The following questions were the main focus of the study:

  • To which extent do customers use the services of a sales channel before they shop in a different channel?
  • To what extent are sales channels of a provider combined or how loyal are customers to a provider if they switch from one to another channel during the information research and the purchase?
  • What are the reasons for the separation of information research and purchase? In which distribution channel does the impulse to choose a supplier arise?
  • How far do the various distribution channels cannibalize? How “valuable” is a channel as a part of the distribution system?

Take advantage of these current findings for your business. To win new customers and not to lose customers.



ECC Studie  

The ECC Trading was established in 1999 as a research and consulting initiative led by the Institute for Business Research at the University of Cologne. The goal is to supply relevant and neutral information on e-commerce to trading companies in particular.
It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) for specific projects and is involved in the Electronic Commerce Network (NEG) as a competence center of excellence for trade.