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On 23 August, hybris and iCongo proudly announce they are joining forces to form the largest independent cross-channel commerce software company in the world. This new company will be called hybris. We believe our shared passion for thought leadership, innovation and operational excellence will prove a winning combination.
The synthesis of these two companies brings a wealth of benefits to our customers and partners. By unifying the best elements of both companies’ technologies and services we will offer market leading multi-channel commerce solutions that deliver on our shared vision of ‘complete commerce’. This will revolutionize the way organizations engage with their customers.
Along with many years of combined expertise designing and implementing cross-channel commerce and driving revenue for our customers, joining forces will make it possible to rapidly extend our international operations and offer exciting new deployment models.
Over the coming months the two companies will merge on an organizational and solutions level. Since both companies have a very similar set of values and approaches when it comes to ‘doing business’ we believe this process will be non-intrusive for our customers.

hybris and iCongo are two innovative, best of breed companies that share the same vision – to revolutionize how the world engages in multi-channel commerce, enabling businesses to communicate and sell across all channels in a consistent and effective way. Each firm has approached this vision in a different but complementary way.
Together we will fast forward the true convergence of bricks-and-mortar retail with online and mobile commerce. And through our easily implementable commerce solutions, we will reduce the complexity associated with doing business in any medium.
By bringing together hybris’ robust Commerce and Product Content Management platform with iCongo’s powerful B2C and B2B capabilities, Order Management, Warehouse Management and PoS integrations we will be able to deliver the truly integrated multi-channel environment today’s B2C and B2B enterprises want and need.
Our new, highly flexible and agile platform will make it possible for organizations to seamlessly interact with customers in any channel – web, print, call center, mobile, and in-store – opening the way to a new era of ‘complete commerce’ that unites the online world with bricks and mortar locations.
Multiple integrated, channel optimized touch points, central management of commerce logic, central management of product and customer data, powerful multi-channel order management capabilities and an intelligent warehouse management are just a few highlights of the new joint solution.
All of us who work at the new combined company are excited to be embarking on this journey which will give our customers a best-in-class multi-channel commerce solution, available via a rich choice of deployment models.
Going forward the combined companies will be named hybris.
You can be assured that the management teams of hybris and iCongo will stay in place to lead our new company.


An extended choice of solutions, services and deployment options
The combined offering of hybris and iCongo dramatically advances the creation of a truly multi-channel and agile commerce platform, and opens the way to new ‘total commerce’ business models that will support both processes and product/service delivery innovations for our customers.
Together, our offering will comprise of:

  • a mature and agile commerce engine that supports multiple channels and business models – from B2C to B2B and channel integration
  • channel specific applications for interacting with customers on the web, mobile devices, call center, printed collateral as well as integration into bricks and mortar stores
  • a robust product content management system for all channels and content types
  • an integrative order management and warehouse management applications to synchronize orders and shipments, and create accurate product inventory visibility across all channels and locations
  • a choice of deployment models, from on-premise to managed and cloud services
  • an experienced and broad system integration partner channel to consult on and implement cross channel solutions.

How does this affect me as an existing hybris customer?
As an existing hybris customer you will see no immediate change in your relationship with hybris. In the near future, however, you will benefit from an expanded choice of exciting new functional modules.
Our new expanded platform will be built on the existing hybris platform and includes the following new offerings:

  • integrated cross-channel order management
  • sophisticated warehouse management and store-based fulfillment
  • in-store integration for true cross channel commerce.

In addition, you can also benefit from the expertise of our robust network of more than 90 system integration partners who are able to provide advice, guidance and support for system implementation projects around the globe

How does this affect me as an existing iCongo customer?
As an existing iCongo customer you will see no immediate change to the current operation of your account and we will continue to support all existing iCongo B2C and B2B implementations. In the near future we’ll be making selected new modules from the new integrated ‘complete commerce’ hybris platform available to complement these solutions; you will also have the opportunity to migrate to the new hybris platform.
In addition, you can also benefit from the expertise of our robust network of 70 system integration partners who are able to provide advice, guidance and support for system implementation projects around the globe.

What does this mean for hybris-Endeca Customers in North America?
Endeca will continue to be the central reseller for hybris in North America. There will be no impact on existing customers and contact persons stay the same. Both companies will continue to build their strategic relationship in terms of Sales, Marketing and Product Integration.

I’m an iCongo VTS customer. What does this mean for the VTS product?
The iCongo Virtual Trade Show (VTS) platform will continue to be sold and supported.

What will the support policy be?
All support policies and contracts will continue to be maintained, and you should see no change to your current support service levels.


What will the new product look like?
The new integrated hybris platform will give our customers a fully integrated end-to-end multi-channel commerce infrastructure that will support all aspects of customer interactions across all customer touch points.
The new multichannel commerce solution will be based on the solid foundation of hybris PCM and hybris Commerce, and will include all existing hybris offerings for the web, mobile, call center and print channels.
These will be complemented by iCongo’s Order Management System (OMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) modules, as well as its Cross-Channel In-Store Integration, and other third party channels such as e-Bay and Amazon.
In time, best-in-class functionality from the iCongo B2C and B2B Commerce options will be migrated and integrated into the hybris Commerce platform.
This will deliver additional powerful features to the existing current hybris solution, including:

  • Order Management
    The OMS supports complex multichannel customer order and returns, including advanced shipping logic and functionality for shipping from multiple warehouses and/or store locations.
    Integrated with hybris’ Multichannel Commerce Platform, the OMS will enable organizations to manage their end-to-end management process from order capture to product shipment – making it possible to optimize assortment planning and inventory, and redefine the customer experience online and in-store.
  • Warehouse Management
    The WMS enriches the multi-channel solution with sophisticated functionality to manage inventory across multiple locations including warehouses, drop ship partners and store locations. As well as reducing warehouse operations and fulfillment costs, integrating WMS with hybris’ Multichannel Commerce platform will significantly reduce time to market for new e-commerce, country roll-outs or drop ship business implementations.
  • In-store Integration
    Building on the OMS and WMS, the in-store integration module seamlessly hooks up with leading PoS systems to link brick and mortar stores with a website or other channels. This makes it possible for retailers to offer an ‘endless aisle’ to customers in the store, and engage in true cross-channel commerce by integrating e-commerce and bricks and mortar stores.
  • Managed Services
    Building on iCongo’s deep experience in managed service offerings, we will expand the choice of deployment models for our customers to include on-premise, managed, cloud and hybrid. An integral part of our managed services program will be the delivery of a range of 24x7 services from data center facilities located in North America and Europe to support the continual operations of our customers’ e-commerce systems.

What’s the product integration plan?
Utilizing iCongo's existing managed service offerings, mainly in the area of B2B Commerce, PoS integration, Order Management and Warehouse Management, will be the first step in the integration of our products.
This will allow our respective customers to leverage and secure their investment in their hybris or iCongo solutions and provide them with a way to capitalize on the ongoing innovation in both product sets in the same way as before.
Going forward, the OMS and WMS modules will be the first combined offering to be delivered via an on-demand deployment model.

When will the integration roadmap be available?
The integrated roadmap will be released later this year, and your account manager will assist you with obtaining these details. Existing hybris customers will be given the opportunity to take advantage of additional functionality on the extended hybris platform. Existing iCongo customers will be provided with a full migration path to support their future migration plans.


Will this affect the current implementations we are working on?
All current implementations will continue as scheduled. New modules of the integrated solution will be made available for implementation via our channel partners, in just the same way as all our previous hybris solutions.

How does the merger benefit our system integration partners in the future?
Our valued network of system integration partners will now be able to take advantage of an extended product offering that opens the way to an even richer variety of solution projects, and gain access to a greater range of services that include managed services, hosting and cloud-based offerings.
In addition, S/I partners will also benefit from a greater range of services via our expanded Global Services team, including professional services, strategic services, training, partner enablement and product support.

Is hybris still committed to its partner strategy?
We remain 100% committed to our channel partner-centric delivery model, and will continue to leverage our partners as the primary mechanism for implementing hybris software.
To this end we’ll use our long standing partner experience to do everything we can to enhance their implementation of all new product modules by providing a comprehensive framework of documentation, training, guidance and certification.
And because we believe in optimizing choice for customers, our partners will still be able to offer their own hosting and managed services for our products – or use our expanded deployment models as best suits their needs.

What will this mean for the future?
The hybris platform will continue to be the foundation for future releases, and full training will be provided on the expanded platform and new cross-channel solutions.

How do I find out more?
You can contact your existing primary contact at iCongo or hybris, who will assist you with any questions you may have. In the coming weeks and months you will receive further information on the partner program and product integration roadmap.