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Expanding Your Business through New Revenue Sources

Are there new ways to make money in your industry?

The simple answer is, “yes,” there is. Whether your company delivers to the public (B2C) or to industry (B2B), new techniques for expanding business opportunities and increasing revenues abound. The concept is called “disruptive monetization,” which means changing the status quo – profitably.

If you are a product company, you can now sell services. If you are a product and services company, you can sell them together as solutions. Whether your industry is Media, Entertainment, Sports, or High-Tech, and you deliver your products in one way, you will be able to deliver them in other ways across additional channels.

Our new white paper, Expanding Your Business through New Revenue Sources delivers an assortment of real-world examples and practical advice to show how to use an Omni-Channel platform to reach new markets and creates fresh revenue opportunities for existing products and services. Learn what is happening right now in your industry – understand what your customers want from you – discover just how and why they are willing to pay more to receive more from you.