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Amplience extension for SAP Hybris Commerce


The Amplience extension for SAP Hybris Commerce is an accelerator that simplifies the implementation of two Amplience solutions: ‘Dynamic Media’ and ‘Social & User Generated Content’.

Amplience Dynamic Media makes it easy for ecommerce teams using SAP Hybris Commerce to enrich the customer experience. Any channel and device combination can be supported with engaging images and videos that work responsively — improving site speed and quality.

The Amplience Social and User Generated Content solution allows retailers to curate the high-value authentic content that brand advocates create on social channels such as Instagram and Twitter.


Reduce Media Production Costs: Amplience Dynamic Media reduces media production costs by improving the productivity of site production teams. Media creation workflows can be automated to shorten the studio-to-site process, image variants can be dynamically generated using image Transformation Templates, and the production of responsive images, cropped around a point-of-interest (POI) can be automated with metadata APIs.

Social Proof: The extension implements a Social UGC Widget in SAP Hybris Commerce that enables rich social proof to be added to any part of the shopping journey in the form of media walls and carousels. Social proof is a powerful factor for persuading consumers to purchase, and harnessing it online drives conversions and aids click-throughs.

99.99% Uptime: API-first cloud platform with load-balanced content delivery for unparalleled 99.99% uptime.

Reponsive Media Optimization: Automatically optimize images, video, look-books, shoppable media and other rich media experiences for responsive web page breakpoints., quarter over quarter.

  • 360 / 720 Degree Spin Sets: provide accurate visualization of technical products, enabling purchasing with confidence, ideal for many B2B applications. Sophisticated product page media viewers additionally include multi-level zoom and product video
  • Product Badging: generates image badges that highlight sale, stock levels, newness and other associated attributes
  • Dynamic Bannering: simplifies the production of personalized campaign and promotional media
  • Product Customization: enables colorization, monogramming and rich product configuration
  • Social and UGC Widget: user generated content and social content can be added to pages using a specialized widget. This enables content teams to curate and publish shoppable social images into a wide range of environments including media-walls on landing pages, carousels on product detail pages, as well as style guides and inspirational look-books.
  • Mobile-Ready Hero Images: make it easy for consumer goods retailers to deliver optimized product images that significantly improve engagement and conversion on mobile devices
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Creating rich shopping experiences that integrate content with commerce is complex and expensive. Content teams are constantly challenged to create differentiated experiences that work seamlessly across multiple channels and devices, optimized for a mobile-first consumer. The result is multiple systems and content silos that reduce agility and force compromises in quality or reach - reducing performance.

Amplience sweeps away this complexity. By creating a single platform to manage all content types - rich editorial features and blogs, shoppable videos and lookbooks, rich product configurators and personalized campaign content - Amplience makes it easy for marketing and ecommerce teams to work together to create high-performance shopping experiences.

At Amplience, we recognise that having the right technology is only part of the whole solution - so we work closely with our System Integrator and Agency partners to ensure that our customers can benefit from their consulting expertise and continue to meet the evolving challenges of multi-channel retail.