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Piattaforma SAP Hybris Commerce: Architettura e Tecnologia

Robusta, modulare e basata su standard aperti, la soluzione SAP Hybris Commerce è studiata per incontrare le esigenze di commercio della tua azienda.

Costruita per gestire un traffico e volumi di ordini elevati, supporta la tua attività ogni volta che ne hai bisogno. Combinando la flessibilità di una piattaforma personalizzata con i costi contenuti di un’applicazione preconfigurata, la soluzione ti consente di risparmiare sui costi di sviluppo e di manutenzione, aumentando l’efficienza.

White Paper: SAP Hybris Architecture and Technology

Read a technical overview of SAP Hybris and see how easy it is to get started with our platform.

Six reasons why our platform’s architecture is so effective

It copes with intense demand

Our persistence layer, which deals with storing and retrieving database data, is specially designed to support periods of intense demand. This means you can rely on the SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud platform when you need to support millions of products, customers and prices in real time.

It’s simple and straightforward

We use the simplest cleanest, most modern architecture, easily approachable for Spring developers. We offer comprehensive API and business documentation, as well as best practice advice.

It’s integrated, but modular

The commerce platform is designed to be modular. It provides a development framework that allows you to add extra custom capabilities to differentiate your customer experiences.

It’s standards-based

Because our platform is built on standards-based technology it’s cost effective and simple to manage. We use well-known standards such as Spring, Solr, Apache Ant, and Apache Commons.

It’s flexible

SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud is built to grow alongside your business and have the flexibility to meet your changing needs. Using the Spring Framework you can quickly add new components to the platform, and customize it to work with your existing business software and processes.

It’s service oriented

The Spring Framework makes it easy for customers and partners to extend our solution. You can add extra functions to the service layer and make them available to other parts of the Commerce platform. Our web services implementations are compliant with industry standards, so they’re suitable for a wide range of customers.

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