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Braintree and Hybris have teamed up to provide access to two amazing platforms though a single integration. By offering a gateway and processing in one package, Braintree’s Hybris integration offers an easy implementation that is stacked with Braintree’s innovative and robust feature set, giving sophisticated merchants access to processing in over 45 markets and over 150 currencies worldwide. By leveraging Braintree’s robust gateway, custom fraud tools, advanced PCI compliance and award-winning customer service, retailers can increase sales while reducing cost and complexity.


Hosted Fields
Braintree’s hosted fields makes PCI Compliance a breeze. Braintree will host the PCI sensitive fields (Credit Card Number, Expiration and CVV) which allows our clients to secure PCI SAQ A-level compliance without losing control of the customer experience. Braintree’s Hosted Fields do not require a full page redirect and even allow you to customize the look and feel so your customers can see your brand and will have a secure checkout solution. Best of both worlds!

Pay with PayPal
Accept PayPal as a payment method without maintaining a separate integration. Consolidate reporting and get access to OneTouch payments, the fastest way to accept PayPal.
One-time payments or vault payments – Braintree provides a vault and tokenization system to keep your customer’s data safe, provide a one-click checkout experience, and reduce your PCI compliance burden.
Via both a merchant configuration toggle and a ‘by customer’ toggle, a payment can either be a one-time use payment or can be stored in Hybris and Braintree and used for future payments without the customer having to enter the payment details again. Simply require the customer to create an account in your storefront or set it up in the Hybris admin section.

Multiple currency support
Braintree is available in more than 150 Currencies and across 45+ Countries. Merchants who want to accept multiple currencies can easily set up merchant accounts with Braintree for each of the currencies that they want to support and manage them all in one gateway.
Multiple transactions per Hybris order- Need to capture more than once off of a single authorization? We’ve got you covered and we even support partial captures and partial refunds.
Support for both delayed and immediate settlement- Need to authorize now and capture later? Braintree’s pre-built Hybris integration has this built-in.

Advanced fraud tools support
Braintree's advanced fraud tools will keep you and your customers safe. Coupling our advanced fraud tools with our PCI compliant transactions and tokenization system, we'll make sure you’re in the news for the right reasons. We partnered with Kount to provide our customers customized, best in class fraud protection at the fastest transaction speeds in the industry.

Add an additional layer of password-based verification, reducing fraud and liability while increasing trust with your clients.

White-glove support
In an industry not known for being able to connect merchants with live support, Braintree stands apart by offering sales, account management and technical support at extended hours. No call trees or automated message loops- contact us and experience the difference firsthand.

Partner Information
At Braintree, we believe there’s always a better way, constantly evolving our technology to keep our merchants ahead of the industry trends. We bring an innovative feature set to enterprise merchants while providing a scalable platform with extremely high uptime. Backed by PayPal, Braintree simplifies payments for large enterprise merchants by providing a full-stack payments platform through a single relationship, replacing the traditional model of sourcing a payment gateway and merchant account from different providers. Our solution allows us to reduce costs while providing class-leading features and white-glove support.
We’d be delighted to speak with you about your business needs. Please reach out to or call +1.877.511.5036.