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inSparq Social Merchandising

Drive sales through Social Merchandising with inSparq.
inSparq’s Social Merchandising Platform drives sales by enabling a more socially dynamic and relevant user experiences on e-commerce sites. inSparq for hybris incorporates inSparq’s Social Merchandising Platform with the hybris Extend Platform, enabling seamless implementation of inSparq’s Trending Products Feed and Sharing & Rewards applications into your ecommerce storefront.
Key Benefits:
  • InSparq’s platform is enabling increased conversion rates and referrals for online retail clients: 2X+ increase in conversion rates, 15% click through rates and 3X+ increase in social referrals
  • Dynamic merchandising with a socially optimized display provides customers with social validation for purchase decisions.
  • Word-of-mouth referrals creates an effective strategy for acquiring new customers.
  • Enables customers to share their brand love on site (not just on social networks)
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The Social Merchandising Platform consists of the Trending Products Feed, Sharing & Rewards and Actionable Analytics.
Trending Products Feed.
The Trending Products Feed determines trending products in real-time and renders them on a socially optimized visual display.
Underlying the Trending Products Feed is the Discovery Engine, which is our core big data platform. The Discovery Engine takes in data based on what customers are sharing, purchasing and commenting on and uses proprietary algorithms to determine which products are trending in real time on the retailers own site. This is particularly beneficial to customers who are not sure what they want to purchase yet.
This data is rendered via an intelligent, socially optimized user experience that helps retailers convert their customers at higher rates and create more social traffic. It is a full-page display of what’s trending (similar to Fab’s Live Feed).
Social Sharing & Rewards:
Social Sharing & Rewards allows retailers to reward their best customers for sharing. In order to claim a reward, a customer would need to take a social action. Typically clients implementing this module see 3X increase in social sharing, an increase in email collection and a 5-10% conversion rate on referral traffic. Sharing & Rewards is built into the Trending Products Feed and also used standalone by a handful of enterprise clients.
Actionable Analytics:
The inSparq Social Merchandising Platform is backed by actionable analytics that help identify influencers, measure customer social engagement, and showcase added value. The analytics measure engagement with both the Live Feed and Sharing.
inSparq is the Social Merchandising Platform for retail. inSparq's platform drives sales by making ecommerce sites more socially dynamic and relevant. The Social Merchandising Platform consists of the Trending Products Feed, which creates a dynamic shopping experience for customers by determining trending products in real time and Sharing & Rewards, which allows customers to easily share their favorite products via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and Pinterest.
inSparq is live on hundreds of sites, including C. Wonder, Lolly Wolly Doodle and Clients are seeing great results, including a 15%+ click through rate, 2X+ conversion rate and 3X+ increase in social traffic.

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