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But what do you do with it all?
How can you use this to increase individual sales?

The answer lies in Contextual Marketing – the ability to genuinely market to a single person, an audience of one.

At last you can make sense of the masses of data you generate – and harness this to find out exactly what each customer is looking for. Now you can make a precise individualized offer – and make that sale. Our FREE paper explains how.

What’s the problem right now?

Omni-channel has transformed telco marketing – but without analytical insight, it can’t prevent the two-step route to failure:

  • 1. You pester the customer with the wrong offer.
    Instead of being genuinely helpful to the customer, you’re still guessing what they want;
  • 2. Instead of making sales, you lose customers.
    Because if they don’t want your offer, all you get are lost sales and increased churn.

Giving Telcos TWO important competitive advantages

As leader in telco marketing technologies, hybris is bringing you the full power of contextual marketing with TWO huge benefits:

  • #1. Tailoring the perfect sales pitch in real time to the individual customer
    Contextual Marketing gives YOU the the sales conversation you always wanted to have with your individual customers – focused, accurate and effective.
  • #2. Reducing churn with a deeper customer relationship
    As our paper explains, when you show how much you understand your customer, you give them reason to invest in the relationship - one of the most powerful catalysts for customer retention and loyalty.

The results speak for themselves!

Read our exclusive paper – and be inspired by the results a major US telco provider achieved when strengthening its market share using Contextual Marketing solutions.

Download here »  

And also make sure to watch hybris’s Global Vice President for Telecommunications Carl Boeing being interviewed on Global Telecoms Business TV.