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4.6 is here!

Enable commerce anywhere

Open up your complete commerce potential with hybris Omni Commerce Connect
We live in a fast-changing world. The number of integration points is exploding. Enabling commerce for new markets, platforms, devices, and services as well as supporting innovation and agility are critical for business success. Enterprises struggle with fragmented commerce infrastructures. At the same time, they need to develop mobile apps, enable customers to buy products via social media, and even start selling products on Internet-enabled TVs.
That’s why hybris introduces Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) with hybris 4.6. hybris OCC offers a broad set of commerce and data services which enable you to use and leverage the complete hybris Multichannel Suite functionality anywhere in your or your business partners’ existing application landscape. hybris OCC allows new or existing hybris customers to quickly commerce-enable new touch points and new channels without lengthy and costly IT cycles.
  • Extend your existing commerce infrastructure with plug-and-play integration
    • hybris OCC is a service-oriented commerce integration layer that enables you to create a channel-neutral, internal commerce infrastructure and allows you to bring your commerce processes to Internet-enabled devices. hybris OCC is programming-language-agnostic, making integration with non-hybris technology simple and straightforward. This makes hybris OCC the ideal tool for creating a commerce hub for exposing all your existing commerce functionality to other systems and platforms.
  • Speed and streamline development
    • hybris OCC makes it easy to reuse commerce processes and data across all touch points, increasing the speed and lowering the costs of providing new transactional interfaces. And hybris OCC is not restricted to human user interfaces; you can easily integrate with other systems and even provide interfaces to partners and other organizations.
  • Expand your development resources
    • hybris OCC allows you to provide external developers with simplified access to your commerce processes and data without requiring them to understand all the details of your business. For example, you could outsource development of UIs for specific devices and let your internal staff focus on optimizing and integrating the functionality that provides your competitive advantage.
In addition to OCC, hybris 4.6 also provides more options and capabilities to enable merchandisers to influence the ways customers navigate an online store or mobile website.
  • Drive more sales with search-based merchandising
    • The embedded SOLR-based search and navigation capabilities have been extended to facilitate merchandising to improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates.
  • Maximize customer conversions through Google-powered search and navigation
    • As an alternative to the native hybris capabilities, hybris 4.6 delivers out-of-the-box integration with Google Commerce Search, enabling you to utilize Google’s latest innovations in search and navigation technology – and all the power and scalability behind it – with an experience tailored specifically to online product discovery.
Discover the business value hybris delivers
Download the factsheet
Discover the business value hybris delivers
Download the factsheet
Discover the business value hybris delivers
Download the factsheet
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