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YaaS microservices: innovation on demand

Create dynamic apps, convert more customers and save time with YaaS — the world’s most powerful and advanced microservices ecosystem.

The microservices advantage

With YaaS microservices, you create products, not projects.

Instead of launching applications from scratch, your team can reassemble and adapt existing services to build custom experiences on the fly. You pick and choose the services you need and combine them with your own systems to create engaging products that are easy to update and improve.

What Is YaaS?

YaaS is the world’s most advanced microservices ecosystem. With YaaS, you have the power to quickly develop custom applications that blend trusted SAP Hybris solutions with your company’s existing platforms.

YaaS microservices give you the flexibility to launch cutting-edge apps that engage your customers on any device without sacrificing security and without breaking your budget.

An Innovator’s Marketplace

YaaS gives you access to a thriving marketplace. Using software components, developers can build new – or extend existing – applications dramatically faster. Apps can evolve more rapidly to changing business needs because of the flexibility of their loosely coupled services.

With YaaS, you’re never working alone. You join a passionate community of developers who collaborate, crowdsource, and create. The YaaS community leads hackathons, shares solutions and pushes each other to develop cutting-edge apps.

Join Us and explore the marketplace!