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Valentine 2015

How do you respond when product complexity starts to challenge business efficiency?

Remember when the future looked SO good?
The ‘multi-everything’ world should have been the business innovator’s dream – the opportunity to reach multiple markets with multiple products and brands via multiple channels.

It had ‘agility’ written all over it.

But in reality everything’s just got slower:

 Loosely integrated IT applications slow down business agility;

 Hard-to-manage multiple catalogs slow down product set up and time to market;

 Inconsistent product information slows down consumer choice and discourages buying decisions.


So what’s the solution? How do you regain pace and efficiency?
You need hybris Product Content Management (PCM) – a single platform for managing product content and data across channels, systems and lines of business.
Key benefits include:

 Centralized management of multiple data domains

 Flexible and extensible platform to accommodate changing business requirements

 Intuitive user interface, reliable reporting and enhanced visibility of customer activity and product performance

 Fully integrated cross-organizational workflows.


hybris PCM: restoring efficiency to multichannel commerce through consolidated and centralized data

To find out more, download the hybris PCM now!  

Explore how Product Content Management can strengthen customer relationships and pave the way for exponential omni-channel growth.
Download this eBook and find out about:

 Best practice insights on leveraging product content

 Strategies on how to use content to gain an intimate understanding of customer needs

 A roadmap to implement a successful Product Content Management strategy

To find out more, download the ebook now!  

Not convinced yet?
Hear from Forrester, the leading analyst firm, why Product Information Management is such an imperative and why they believe hybris PCM leads the pack ahead of the competition.
Download the Forrester Report here.