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Online-to-Offline (O2O)
For the past few years, the online-to-offline (O2O) market in China has seen substantial changes.


Companies with online businesses needed to find ways to deliver products to people in physical locations offline, which was difficult for companies with no brick-and-mortar stores or a physical presence in many parts of the country.

Burgeoning in 2010, China’s O2O market has undergone a major evolution, large-scale restructuring and improved integration to become one of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated O2O markets. This means that your customers’ needs have changed and that their expectations of an advanced O2O experience have become much higher.

However, the continued boom in fast-moving sectors like B2B E-Commerce, B2C E-Commerce and M-Commerce means that today’s multi-channel and omni-channel environment poses further challenges in O2O in China and around the world:

  • Lack of integration between physical store locations and inventory management systems causes opportunity loss and abandoned transactions
  • Lack of insights from enterprises into past customers purchases leads to a buying experience that is not personalized
  • A poor customer-service experience when redeeming purchases in brick-and-mortar stores frequently leads to complaints and bad reviews
  • Interrupted purchases when switching from one channel (for example, from a PC to a smartphone) means that money is left on the table
Is your business adapting quickly enough to the evolving O2O landscape and the changes it is bringing about for enterprises and customers?

With hybris, you get a commerce platform that addresses online-to-offline opportunity loss and other O2O challenges. hybris’ omni-channel commerce solution enables you to:

  • Offer your customers a personalized shopping experience regardless of what channel they use to interact with your brand
  • Connect all channels and touch points to unify the commerce processes on a single, flexible commerce platform
  • Centralize order management capabilities to enable efficient omni-channel fulfillment
  • Provide a productive customer experience to maximize sale conversion and minimize opportunity loss
  • Deliver customer service that increases time-to-resolution and turn your customer service channel into a selling channel
  • Operate multiple online stores on a single platform for multi-tenant or multi-brand strategies

hybris delivers true omni-channel commerce solutions for a better O2O experience to hundreds of customers in Greater China and around the world, including some of the world’s most-recognized brands in China.

For companies of any size that need to get started quickly, B2C Commerce Accelerator for China offers fully-functional Web storefronts and seamless channel integrations including all the tools that enable organizations to meet the demands of today’s discerning omni-channel shoppers. Adapted expressly for the Chinese market, it comes with preconfigured page templates that are designed to suit the highly characteristic ‘click’ culture and specific shopping ‘atmosphere’ enjoyed by Chinese consumers, providing big product images, larger merchandising bars and a very visual user experience.