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Montreal, Canada – 14 December 2011

hybris Launches Version 4.5 to Deliver Global Multichannel Commerce

The latest version of the hybris Multichannel Suite features rapid global deployment and enhancements for optimal performance

hybris, a leading provider of eCommerce and multichannel commerce software, today announced the availability of its hybris 4.5 multichannel commerce solution. hybris 4.5 is designed to allow businesses in both B2B and B2C markets to deliver global commerce and multichannel sales to their customers more effectively.

hybris 4.5 specifically features an enhanced Multichannel Accelerator for B2B Commerce that helps boost multichannel commerce and increase sales growth. Performance monitoring also provides deep visibility into business applications, helping identify areas for business improvement and reduce maintenance costs.

In addition to existing languages already built in, hybris 4.5 now also includes Chinese, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese for back-end business user tools. These new languages will help facilitate easier global roll-out as regional teams can now more easily manage their local websites, as well as reduce the need for training and the centralized control of content.

  • Multichannel Accelerator for B2B Commerce
    • With hybris 4.5, the new Multichannel Accelerator for B2B Commerce enables B2B organizations to rapidly deploy a best-practice multichannel commerce solution, joining the successful Multichannel Accelerator for B2C. Tailored to the unique needs of B2B organizations, the solution delivers all the capabilities needed to manage complex B2B relationships, including automated order processing. It also delivers a compelling customer experience across all channels, with intuitive website design.
  • Enhanced search and navigation
    • hybris 4.5 offers enhanced search and navigation functionality and improves the user experience by enabling customers to narrow search results according to their preferences. A pre-built API allows users to add more search and navigation capabilities for an even better search experience.
  • Improved customer service
    • Customer service agents using hybris 4.5 can support multiple brands or stores and respond to queries using multiple brand personas. A complete overview of all transactions and shopping histories across stores and brands enables them to handle customer requests more quickly and effectively.
  • Print enhancements
    • The print publication planning process now offers sophisticated page management functionality in hybris 4.5. Users can choose between single pages, double pages, or page sequences and assign grids independently for left and right pages. This streamlines planning and editing, lowers project costs, increases flexibility for project work and customization, and reduces time-to-market for printed materials.
  • dynaTrace integration
    • With dynaTrace integration, hybris customers now get a sophisticated, out-of-the-box monitoring solution that allows them to optimize performance by visualizing live-performance and transaction metrics of their eCommerce solution. Monitoring dashboards are pre-integrated and requires no manual configuration. Available dashboards include System Utilization, Transaction Errors, Searches and Orders, Page Category Performances, Search Transaction Performance, Business Impact, and Single Transaction Performance.

“hybris 4.5 is yet another market-leading solution that will help both B2C and B2B businesses get maximum delivery and results from global multichannel commerce,” said Ariel Luedi, CEO of hybris. “Our understanding of the global retail market and expertise in delivering the best multichannel technology and services translates into the end user having confidence in the buying experience.”

hybris 4.5 is immediately available, with further details found here.