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Doka Group: Cements a first-class customer experience and nails down major cost savings Doka Group transforms into an omni-channel business, enabling clients to place orders via a new online shop based on SAP® Hybris® Commerce Accelerator for B2B, delivered by – an IBM Company. Case Study
TXU Energy: Extending the customer relationship beyond commodities with SAP Hybris Billing

TXU Energy addressed these demands by introducing new products, such as Web-controlled thermostats and home and HVAC system service warranties. But its existing solutions were not designed for these offerings.

Case Study
SAP Hybris Expert Services Portfolio for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Find out how SAP Hybris Expert Services can help you to make the most out of your SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solutions. Product Collateral Fresh Food with One Click Leveraging SAP Hybris as a Service is a online grocery shop delivering regional and fresh products leveraging a cloud-based e-commerce solution from SAP Hybris. Case Study
DNA´s Digital Business Transformation Journey with SAP Hybris Commerce DNA is one of the leading operators in the Finnish telecommunication market and started the digital business transformation journey in 2014. SAP Hybris Commerce helps DNA to improve its IT landscape by delivering personalized online services and excellent customer experience. Case Study
Frucor Suntory: Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation With Full Range of SAP Hybris Solutions
Frucor is deploying SAP Hybris solutions to build its online presence and worked with Oxygen, A DXC Technology Company, to develop a digital growth program. As a result, it has increased reach and online sales, improved business-to-business sales, ordering, and enhanced customer engagement. In addition, the deployment was successfully completed on time and within budget.
Case Study
Marketers, Are You Ready for GDPR? Understand the impact of GDPR on Marketing organizations and thrive in this new reality. White Paper
Karma Automotive: Can a customer experience be as luxurious as a sports car?

As a young startup, Karma Automotive manufacturers cars that are rolling pieces of art powered by next-generation hybrid technology. From design to manufacturing and delivery, Karma Automotive is running fast, efficient, and flexible operations with increased visibility into customer interactions and vehicle performance. With SAP Hybris® Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solutions, the company reaches a seamless customer experience.

Case Study
LIDS: Advancing Digital Transformation with Help by SAP Hybris Cloud Services and Expert Services By implementing a platform to support business growth objectives and meet the rising demands of e-commerce, positioning the company more effectively in the market and gain a competitive edge SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud solution suited our needs best. Case Study
SAP Hybris Commerce Solutions for Insurance

The SAP Hybris Commerce financial services accelerator enables insurers to provide an omni-channel experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Industry Solution Brief
Swisscom: Scaling for Business Transformation and Offering New Digital Services with SAP Hybris Billing

Business Model Transformation towards pay-per-use pricing models is a key trend in the Telecommunications and Professional Services industries. With a homegrown billing solution that did no longer scale and offer the necessary flexibility, Swisscom was not able to provide new future digital services to their customers. Swisscom strategically decided to move to SAP Hybris Billing, enabling their business model transformation along key dimensions.

Case Study
Maxim Integrated: Driving Digital Teams to Enable Increased Global Sales Growth Maxim chose the SAP® Hybris ® Commerce solution to enable its e-commerce storefront and help meet sales growth goals. With improved Maxim looked to SAP Hybris Commerce to enable their e-commerce store front and their unassisted sales 2x sales growth goals Case Study
SAP Hybris Commerce, Financial Services Accelerator Solutions for Banking

The SAP Hybris Commerce Financial Services Accelerator lets your bank quickly deliver a superior personalized, omnichannel banking experience to your customers.

Industry Solution Brief
Helping customers find their dream fabrics quickly from among thousands of choices

JAB ANSTOETZ Group focuses on stylish living and exquisite textiles. The group sells fabrics, sunshades, wallpapers, floorcoverings and furniture in sophisticated designs. Offering a portfolio spanning 3,000 items in 20,000 different colors and variants, JAB ANSTOETZ Group retails exclusively through its large dealer network.

The company selected SAP Hybris Commerce to ensure simple integration with its mission-critical SAP ERP application. Sharing product details, inventory and other data is essential for JAB to provide a state-of-the-art experience to dealers and consumers.

Case Study
SAP Hybris Customer Attribution Solution Video Gain insight into the performance of every marketing touch point and optimize your marketing strategy Video
Change Your Digital Measurement and Optimization Game SAP Hybris Customer Attribution Solution Brief Product Collateral
Matt’s Motorcycle: A Chatbot and Cobrowsing Story Empowered by SAP Hybris, discover how Matt's insurance company is easily able to answer his questions, help him file a claim and get him back on his motorcycle in no time. Video
IPKO: Achieving a Customer-Centric Transformation with SAP Hybris Billing IPKO needing flexible rating capabilities and the ability to invoice across a complex customer hierarchy. It also needed to be able to support a growing post-paid customer base with advanced discounting and that the ability to create a single invoice from multiple rating and billing systems. Case Study Driving Customer Activation Using the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution Solution Integration of the SAP Hybris Customer Attribution solution model faster and more accurate than other attribution providers Case Study
Customers are calling the shots

Customers are calling the shots: It’s time for retailers to get fit for the digital age

The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer (Service) This Forrester study provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer on their service organizations. Analyst Commissioned Research
Coop@Home – New User Experience The newly developed app, which is connected to the SAP Hybris platform, app stores, and web services, is stable, robust, and fast, and offers the entire coop@home assortment. Case Study
Tata CLiQ: Achieving a Monumental Goal Internet shopping in India has overtaken the U.S. to become the world’s second largest internet market. With SAP Hybris, Tata CLiQ offers local businesses a chance to compete for retail business. Customers can choose the seller they want to buy from. Video
Developing innovative solutions: SAP SuccessFactors Learning Marketplace Combining the power of SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP SuccessFactors Learning: developing innovative solutions Case Study
Tata CLiQ: Transforming the Digital Marketplace with SAP Solutions for Improved Customer Satisfaction Internet shopping in India has overtaken the U.S. to become the world’s second largest internet market. With SAP Hybris, Tata CLiQ offers local businesses a chance to compete for retail business. Customers can choose the seller they want to buy from. Case Study
SPAR: Digitale Transformation vom traditionellen Handel zum Online Handel mit SAP Hybris Commerce SPAR ist einer der bedeutendsten Lebensmittelhändler Österreichs. Der Lebensmittel Online Handel sowie die Vielfalt des Sortiments an Produkten stellen Herausforderungen für die IT dar. SAP Hybris Commerce bildet die zentrale Komponente um diesen Herausforderungen gerecht zu werden. SAP Hybris PCM macht es möglich eine hohe Anzahl an Artiklen zu administrieren. Zusätzlich mit SAP for Retail und SAP HANA wird eine Schnittstelle zwischen SAP Hybris Commerce, Logistik- und Warenwirtschaftssystemen gebildet. Auf dieser Basis können alle weiteren E-Commerce Lösungen entwickelt werden.. Case Study
Nicolas – French Wine, Champagne and Spirits Retailer: Increasing Online Sales with a New Store Based on SAP Hybris Commerce

The French retailer has around 500 stores in France (including overseas French départements) and a number of shops in other countries. To help to achieve the aims of a new product information system and redesigned website, the company decided to pursue an omni-channel commerce strategy based on SAP Hybris Commerce.

Case Study
SAP Hybris Billing, mediation by DigitalRoute Learn how SAP Hybris Billing, mediation by DigitalRoute turns raw data into critical business information. Product Collateral
Putting the Customer in Context Putting the Customer into Context - The Next Step to Delivering Exceptional Experiences Webcast
SAP Hybris Billing, invoicing SAP Hybris Billing, invoicing offers a flexible solution for automating the billing and invoicing process. Product Collateral
TUI Poland: Reaching New Heights in Traveler Satisfaction with the SAP Hybris Commerce Solution With SAP Hybris Commerce, TUI Poland can now personalize with behavior targeting and enhance the customers Case Study
Jenny and the “Not 2 Cool” Apartment See how CoolAir2U uses social customer service and machine learning to recognize Jenny’s issue and quickly get her air conditioner back up and running! Video
Approaches and Considerations for Delivering Great Digital Customer Experiences Watch this short webinar by Chris Fletcher of Gartner and Riad Hijal of SAP Hybris to learn about delivering great digital customer experiences. Webcast
Microservices: Re-writing the future rules of customer service

Great service is consistent, adaptable and flexible. Learn how microservices are changing the world of customer service.


White Paper
Make Customers Happy with the SAP Hybris Service Cloud Portfolio

With SAP Hybris Service Cloud addresses priority customer issues through simplified service delivery, timely customer insights and the right people with the right parts and knowledge at the right time.

Product Collateral
Using Advanced Analytics to Track the Customer Journey in Insurance Leading-edge Solutions help insurers better understand and enhance the customer experience. White Paper
SAP Partner Catalog Launch SAP Hybris Expert Services help launch SAP Partner Benefits Catalog with SAP Hybris Commerce powered by SAP HANA on Monsoon platform. Case Study
Vinnie’s Breakdown: A Self-Help Story SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch - The best support ticket is the one that doesn’t need to be created! Video
TEREX MHPS launches online store to simplify order handling and processing Learn how a German industrial machinery and components company, TEREX MHPS was able to increase their customer support by 20 percent with SAP Hybris Commerce. Case Study
Maui Jim: Personalizing the Customer Experience with SAP Hybris Expert Services Learn why Maui Jim decided to engage with SAP Hybris Expert Services to drive their long-term digital strategy and innovation. Case Study
Exploring the Business Impact of Service on Customer Engagement This whitepaper, led by Aberdeen, shows how companies achieving service excellence also gain higher ratings in customer satisfaction, NPS and customer retention. White Paper
SAP Hybris Marketing Webinar – Win the customer not just a visitor 30th March yMarketing Webinar Recording. Presented by Izabela Wisłocka (PwC) and Adam Goljan (SAP). Video
Cintas: Delivering a Digital Customer Experience Cintas is delivering a Digital Customer Experience with SAP Solutions and SAP Hybris Commerce Case Study
Insurance Megavendors Shift Focus to Digital Platforms The new Gartner report discussed how Insurance Megavendors are changing their digital platforms to support customer experience, analytics and IoT requirements. Analyst Report
Boost Customer Experiences by Combining Self Service and Agent-assisted Service This whitepaper looks at the customer journey and examines how self-service and communities are (or aren’t) working effectively. White Paper
SAP Store gains greater efficiencies thanks to SAP Hybris Commerce upgrade SAP runs SAP: learn how SAP Hybris Expert Services took the SAP Store to next level with an upgrade to SAP Hybris Commerce v. 6.0 Case Study
2017 Retail Study: Customers are calling the shots Get the findings from PwC research study exploring consumer and retailer perspectives on the integrated shopping experience. White Paper
Digitally Engaging Food Shoppers for Dummies Learn about new trends that are changing the face of food shopping and look at the profile of the new food shopper. eBook
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