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Senior Infrastructure Architect

With the advent of Cloud Everything, software development and IT infrastructure operations are merging at increasing speed. Developers focus more and more on releasing software. Operations are implementing more and more infrastructure as code.

Software developers are required to operate their stuff in the Cloud ("you build it you run it") while people who traditionally operated hardware infrastructure now need to learn coding in Groovy, Python et. al.

While DevOps culture is busy bringing both sides together, additional responsibilities have emerged. Devising and operating large scale dynamic infrastructure environments with stable, secure and scalable development infrastructure on top requires a new breed of engineers.

Those that are at home in development and operations at the same time. Who understand the full stack from physical hardware to the applications running in public or private clouds. Who can help developers and operations to become ultra-productive.

We are one of those teams of new breed engineers and we are operating from offices in Germany, Poland and Canada. Our aim is to increase our impact on the world of product development.


We are looking for a talented and experienced individual to join our team. We want you to come with ideas about ultra-dynamic infrastructure. We need you to take on the responsibility of finding a way to define everything through software.

Coming up with products using cutting edge technologies that make the productivity of development teams explode should be one of your goals.

If you are up for the challenge we offer you the position of Senior Infrastructure Architect. As part of our Product Steering Committee you will influence the vision and strategies that will make us successful. Because you are extremely good at building professional relationships you will be able rapidly increase your network within SAP. With your years of experience in different environments you will be able to discover and implement new technologies making sure that you take our teams along on the ride. And, last but not least, you will enjoy what you are doing



Required skills

  • Expert knowledge in virtualization and infrastructure technology, including Linux know-how
  • University degree or similar education in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Engineering
  • Experience working with containerization technologies
  • Excellent track-record of executing in a dynamic, team-based environment
  • Ability to work in a globally distributed environment

Preferred skills

  • Working knowledge of agile methodologies
  • Good understanding of the DevOps mind-set
  • Security awareness

  • 5 years professional experience in different environments

Are you interested?