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B2B cross-channel commerce – Cross-channel behaviour of business customers when procuring indirect goods
In March 2014 In March 2014 the E-Commerce-Center Köln in collaboration with hybris GmbH surveyed German, Austrian and Swiss business customers about how they use multiple channels to access information and to make purchases. An online panel was used for this purpose.
635 decision-makers were surveyed in total, including 484 in Germany, 95 in Austria, and 56 in Switzerland. Due to the diversity of goods types in the area of B2B, the focus of the investigation was exclusively on indirect goods of low value, such as office and laboratory items.
The analysis focussed on the following questions:

  • To what extent do business customers research a product in one sales channel before purchasing in another channel?
  • To what extent are the distribution channels of one provider combined in this regard, or to what extent do customers remain loyal to a provider when switching channels while searching for information and procuring goods?
  • In which sale channel does the impulse for selecting a specific supplier occur?
  • To what extent does cannibalisation occur between the sale channels?
  • How „valuable“ is a channel as a part of the sales process?
  • What offers and services are deemed to be important by business customers in terms of interlocking of the various distribution channels?
  • How has the effort involved in procurement progressed
  • Over the past years? Which trends and developments in B2B commerce can be expected in the coming year?