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Personalized marketing gets you in front of your customers – but what happens then? Omni-channel has made possible an unprecedented level of access to your individual customers. But it doesn’t help you to tailor your sales pitch.

So, what if you knew exactly what your customers were looking for – what if you could target each individual customer with a uniquely-tailored proposal?

What’s the REAL cost of getting your offering wrong?

Even the most competitive offering can fail if it doesn’t match the individual customer profile and needs. Get it wrong and you haven’t just lost a sale opportunity. You’ve created a disengaged, unimpressed customer who is likely to shun your offers in the future. You’ve just increased your churn.

Contextual marketing replaces this threat with accurate and analytically informed insight to real customer needs at an individual level.

Hear the experts explain how Contextual Marketing removes the gamble in the management of the relationships with YOUR customers – watch the video with Don Peppers from Peppers & Roger and David Cooperstein from Forrester explaining how telco carriers can massively improve market share and retention using this new evolution of omni-channel, personalized marketing:


Contextual Marketing is customer engagement with a purpose.

Contextual Marketing uses real-time context-based data about individual customers and anonymous visitors. It combines insight from personal customer history with current activity and intelligent predictive analysis of future activity – past, present and future.

It means that when you engage with your prospect, you’re talking their language and giving them the information they want right now.

Contextual Marketing means a better consumer experience – and a stronger customer relationship.