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Today’s savvy traveler has the power to make informed choices throughout the day —anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices.

Online travel and leisure companies are redefining ‘the moment of truth’ by providing an enhanced user experience. From the first point of contact and long after the first encounter, you need to make an emotional connection—sell an experience that engages long after the trip has ended.
Travelers have the power to make choices unlike ever before. By the time they choose to engage with your product, they have already compared and researched your offerings with your competitors’ products across multiple channels. How do you make a lasting impression with your customers before they reach the point of purchase? The challenge is that there is no guarantee you will engage loyal customers. With so many choices, you need to create a memorable experience.
But with choice comes complexity. Today’s customer is a multichannel communicator. The ongoing search for the perfect deal begins online, continues via smartphones or web enabled phones, is further continued on tablets, laptops, on the go and while in the air. Customers want answers now. They are impatient. They don’t have time to wait or waste.
We bring together on the 26th of June 16 commercial strategy influencers from the Dutch travel & leisure industry for an informal discussion, led by an independent facilitator, providing the opportunity for candid exchange of opinion and excellent networking in an unforgettably beautiful environment.

We ask:

  • How can an effective multichannel customer strategy drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue?
  • How can travel operators manage their multiplying channels while delivering a consistently rewarding experience?
  • How can channels work together to provide a seamless and engaging experience?
A select group of participants will share stories, experiences and challenges during this lively discussion. Under the supervision of a moderator and our visionary keynote speaker, Hans Appel, we will reveal and dissect all facets of the anatomy of a successful online business model for the multichannel traveler. The objective is to give participants keen insight into positioning themselves to take advantage of the rapid changes in enterprise technology.

Keynote speaker: Hans Appel

Hans Appel is an expert in technology, innovation and marketing. He has been active for over 40 years in IT development, has worked at Apple Computers and was Chief Technology Officer at Sun Microsystems. Currently he is lecturer at the Hanzehogeschool University of Applied Sciences in Groningen and a Research Fellow involved in the Innovation Center for Advanced Sensors & Sensor Systems.
According to Appel, "I have two professions: technology and marketing. The combination of the two fields forms a tremendous challenge. Keeping up with these two dynamic areas is an enormous motivator to excel."

Key Business Challenges

In today’s competitive and fast moving tourism industry, travel companies need real time access to constantly fluctuating market conditions as well as changing consumer and business needs. While tourism, leisure & travel companies continue to realize growth, they continue to face monumental challenges:
  • Capturing and growing online sales – Shifting from retail to online selling creates new opportunities and increases the level of independence and margins.
  • Integrating multiple channels: retail, web, mobile, print, phone – A seamless booking experience through all touch points, channels and devices. A single view of the brand is essential to engaging, building and maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Understanding your customers – Only an optimized customer interaction can enable a personalized booking experience and provide targeted content. Mobile and social media are seeing rapid adoption, and consumers are always online whether at work or during vacations.
  • Increasing customer retention rates – Higher customer retention rates mean higher lifetime customer value. Inspired and emotionally based user experiences and decisions mean higher rates of client retention.
  • Differentiation – Sell unique products and services in order to capture and maintain market share.


  • Champagne: reception from 17:30
  • Dinner: 18:30 - 21:30
  • Carriages: 22:00





Date: 26 June 2013
Time: 17:30 – 22:00
Location: Amsterdam
Venue: Hotel The Dylan - Amsterdam
Address: Keizersgracht 384, 1016 GB Amsterdam
Parking: Qpark Europarking – Marnixstraat 250

Vision Dinner
A culinary experience for the multichannel traveler set in the backdrop of the highly exclusive and prestigious venue, The Dylan, which dates back to 1613 during the excavation of the Keizersgracht. Five years later, The Dylan housed ‘Duytsche Academie.’ Since 1999, this historical landmark has been a luxury boutique hotel.

Join us as we meet in style and savor a memorable culinary moment in the upscale and well-appointed Regents Room that will transform your senses along with a renewed vision for your product.

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