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SAP Hybris Virtual Master Class Library

Much has been said and shared about customer engagement, digital transformation, and omni-channel approaches. But now the question is, “how?” How do I get started? How can I troubleshoot the digital transformation experiment that wasn’t so successful? How do I engage my customers contextually?

Here, you’ll find a collection of how-to webinars that address the practical “how-to’s” for transforming customer engagement and commerce, as well as case studies and best practices from brands who have already navigated the customer engagement territory and succeeded.
Learn from our experience to set yourself up for success.

Browse away, and enjoy your master class!

How to transform digital customer engagement in the real world
How to stay relevant in the new reality and future of industries
How to keep the romance alive with your customers
How to engage your customers contextually
How to redefine and revolutionise customer service
How to move from carts to hearts
How to choose the right commerce cloud platform
How to implement commerce solutions successfully: part 1
How to implement commerce solutions successfully: part 2
How to engage and collaborate with a new generation of citizens
How to improve customer interactions for B2B manufacturing companies
How to lead and provide the best service in your industry
How to boost sales and marketing alignment to achieve effective business outcomes
How to simplify your service experience and achieve returns
How to gain deeper customer insights and achieve 306% ROI