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Die digitale Wirtschaft verändert die Art und Weise, wie sich Kunden Informationen beschaffen

Aussagen von Verkäufern sind nur noch eine von vielen Informationsquellen. Die Interessenten wenden sich immer mehr den Communitys und sozialen Netzwerken zu und nutzen Online-Informationen. Tatsächlich ist heute schon mehr als die Hälfte des Kaufprozesses abgeschlossen, bevor überhaupt ein Vertriebsmitarbeiter ins Spiel kommt.

SAP Hybris Products for Sales

To meet the demands of today's customers you need to know them inside out. They all come from different industries, have different preferences and face unique challenges. What’s more, in the emerging business landscape change is the norm. Trends emerge and products become celebrities, so you need to find new ways to stay relevant and compelling every day.

That’s why we created SAP Hybris Sales Cloud. Built with mobile in mind, our advanced CRM Cloud solution can set your sales team free to lead the pack in this fast-changing world. Manage leads and opportunities, close deals faster, and increase revenues from anywhere. Sales Managers gain insight into forecasts and pipeline to make quick business decisions. Sales reps can spend more time selling, focusing on the best leads and opportunities powered by artificial intelligence. SAP Hybris Sales Cloud makes it easy to take customer information from silos in the back office and put it in the hands of frontline sales teams.


Sales Force Automation

Streamline your sales processes so your team can spend less time on admin and more time selling. SAP Hybris Sales Cloud frees up your people to create more leads and pursue opportunities with greater propensity to close, and gives them the information they need when they need it to better engage customers.

Sales Performance Management

Accelerate your sales teams’ performance and build a rock star sales team from day one. Turn sales strategy into action to drive revenue, exceed goals and objectives and build an effective and efficient sales team.

Retail Execution

Erzeugen Sie ein konsistentes und überzeugendes Einzelhandelserlebnis, indem Sie Ihre Produkte den richtigen Kunden zur richtigen Zeit zum richtigen Preis anbieten.

FREE TRIAL: SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

SAP Digital CRM is a solution designed for smaller sales teams with many of the same capabilities as our enterprise cloud sales version. Try it now free for 30 days.

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