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Kore.ai Customer Service Bot for SAP Hybris

With the new Kore.ai Customer Service Bot for SAP Hybris, give customers the smart assistant that puts them in control, helps eliminate back-and-forth wait times, and lets them communicate more naturally. Through a conversational interface and more familiar and humanlike approach, let them create, manage, and escalate their own service tickets – simply by sending a text or speaking a command through their preferred channels.


Through a familiar, conversational UI, customers can quickly, easily, and conveniently leverage the power of a smart assistant integrated with SAP Hybris, for:

  • Ticket creation and updates
  • Ticket tracking by status
  • Status alerts and notifications
  • Ticket escalation
  • Notes for agent
  • Resolution ETA
  • Pre-built intelligence
  • Channel choice
  • Award-winning NLP engine
  • Robust security and safeguards
Partner Information

Kore.ai provides the only SAP-certified bots platform for companies across all industries to access cutting-edge, smart technology to build and deploy chatbots, via out-of-the-box and fully customizable options.

Our enterprise-grade, end-to-end Bots Platform offers flexibility for businesses to use our pre-built bots or build their own, once, and simply optimize across multiple communication channels such as web, mobile, SMS, email, Skype, Spark, Fiori apps, messaging clients, and other social platforms.

The Kore.ai Bots Platform contains all necessary enterprise-class components, including the Kore.ai Bot Builder, award-winning natural language processing engine, machine learning, intelligence, middleware, messaging platform, robust security controls, analytics, admin console—to satisfy cloud or on-premise requirements.