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Status: Gold
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce, Marketing, Sales & Service
Certified professionals: 26
Region/Countries: Latin America,


In a nutshell:

FH comprises a team of upwards of 400 highly skilled professionals who have a sole objective: commitment with solid and innovative results. In addition to developing its own solutions, it operates in these areas: Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing, and Tax.

Company description:


FH's essence is the combination of strategy and assertiveness. FH combines business consulting to boost your business with the implementation of technology solutions.

Always overcoming challenges and generating results, its customers elected it one of the 4 best SAP partners in Brazil. Our main goal is to meet all our customers' needs when it comes to technology.

FH provides consultancy services to drive innovation, improve processes, and facilitate the necessary business changes, as is always attentive to market dynamics. We provide customized IT solutions according to each company's profile, whether small, medium or large.


With technology in its DNA, FH transforms business processes into efficient technology keeping pace with market dynamism. Acting and succeeding is essential to FH, and we are always innovating in pursuit of the best solution. To survive and leave our mark in the world, we are in a continuous improvement process.
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