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Junior Technology Strategist

The Hybris Labs team is looking for a junior technology strategist as we are planning to grow our self-organizing team.

By adding a new team member, we are hoping to explore further new and interesting technologies, to combine those with Hybris software and showcase its flexibility to our customers and partners.


Our expectations are that the candidate should have the ability to work as part of a self-organizing team. He or she should be working independently and should be eager to learn new technologies and skills.

Good communication skills are a must for internal and external communication. As our team frequently engages with our customers and partners at conferences and events, the candidate should be comfortable explaining our scenarios and software to those audiences.

Being a speaker at conferences to promote our Hybris software is a nice to have. Knowledge of software and hardware engineering is a must for the position.

The candidate's daily tasks include the development of creative concepts leveraging new technologies and creating proofs of concept using our Hybris software.

The ability to quickly learn new technologies without prior training is key to success in the role of the technology strategist.

The candidate should be able to install and maintain our showcases at conferences and events.



Required skills

  • Master's degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Experience in working with scripting languages like Javascript, Python or Ruby
  • Must have good software engineering skills and being able to build reusable software components
  • Broad knowledge in data exchange formats and protocols (JSON, XML, REST, etc.), including data processing and networking, are key to success in the candidate's daily work
  • Good knowledge of current state of web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) is key to be independent from others while working on showcases
  • UNIX administration experience and an understanding of version control systems such as Git is a requirement

Preferred skills

  • Cloud experience, leveraging Amazon Web Services, micro-services and dealing with cloud security topics such as SSL certificates and firewall settings is a big plus
  • Education in electronics is a big plus
  • Micro-controller experience and hardware protocols, such as I2C, SPI, Serial, would help the candidate to be successful in implementing hardware prototypes
  • Experience with new and emerging technologies such as RFID/NFC, iBeacons/BLE, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and IoT protocols, such as MQTT, would enable the candidate to build successful showcases, leveraging our software
  • Existing Hybris software know-how would be a plus


2+ years of software development experience in a commercial environment, utilizing a variety of programming languages

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