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Perfil Dinâmico do Cliente e Consumidor

Compreenda seus clientes como nunca

Converta Big Data valioso em visão significativa do que seus clientes e contatos desconhecidos estão fazendo. Depois, use esse conhecimento para personalizar as experiências de cada um deles e engajá-los de maneira a construir um relacionamento de longa duração.

Com os profissionais de marketing tendo que usar em média 20 sistemas e ferramentas diferentes para reunir enormes volumes de dados, você precisa de uma solução que possa analisar tudo para criar uma visão única do cliente. O SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud oferece essa visão – e uma compreensão do cliente que supera as expectativas.

The Profile Dashboard lets you analyze the interests of your customer base, the sentiments related to these interests, and the channels in which your contacts are active.
See your customers’ journeys, from first contact to purchase and all the stages in between.
Getting hockey fans closer to their sport

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud helps the National Hockey League talk to its fans and understand what they want from the game, so they get more from the sport they love.

SAP and Facebook: Bringing marketing, advertising and technology together
SAP and Facebook are making marketing more personal than ever before. As advertisers focus more on digital, the tools we build help companies find the customers they need, and help people find the products and services they want.
Understand real-time customer sentiment

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud lets you monitor sentiment and gain deeper individual insights into your customers behavior and social engagement. Target and filter to drill down into a detailed view of customer interaction.

Case Study: HSE24 used SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud to focus its marketing effort on specific customers

HSE24, Germany’s original shopping channel, relies on targeting very specific parts of its customer base with highly focused marketing campaigns. When it needed to make these campaigns more accurate it turned to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, giving its marketing people the ability to plan and run their own campaigns. “We can [now] get a picture of the customer in seconds – including data coming from new sources like social media,” says Norbert Paulus from HSE24. That’s enabled the firm to execute campaigns 20 per cent faster and increase sales to repeat purchasers by 30 per cent.

Customer Profiling: key features

Build complete, 360-degree customer profiles with transactional and behavioral data from multiple channels – so you never miss an opportunity.
Tap into hidden trends in customer behavior with propensity models and advanced analytics that predict what they’re going to do next.
Powerful discovery and visualization tools give deeper insights into behavior and patterns, helping you to better understand your customers’ journeys.
Integrate with SAP Hybris Profile for an even finer detail of your customer’s digital behavior, giving you a deeper understanding of their intents.

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