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Responsive Quality Control

Get customer usage data to the right place and in the right format for effective revenue management.

To bill your customers accurately for the services they use, you need a mediation solution that makes usage data flow seamlessly to systems such as billing and fraud management – without loss, duplication or corruption. You also need to manage the services you provide in response to customer behavior, to help them use your infrastructure more efficiently and adhere to their own usage limits.

To make this vital process happen SAP Hybris provides mediation and service control solutions by DigitalRoute.

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SAP Hybris Billing
From converting one-off product sales into subscription services to bundling services with physical goods, SAP Hybris Billing will help you monetize your new business models.

Mediation by DigitalRoute: key features

Control how you collect data from a wide range of sources on your network with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools.

Filter, consolidate and transform this data into the right formats before routing it to systems such as billing, fraud management, service assurance and business analytics.

Streamline your data collection with a single data collection hub to deliver usage data to downstream billing systems.

Manage both real-time (active) and batch (passive) mediation needs on a single platform.

Reduce under-billing thanks to accurate data collection from a crash-proof solution.

Scale up by adding new servers with the reassurance of 99% uptime.

Service Control by DigitalRoute: key features

Reduce the load on downstream systems by sending them only necessary data.

Control the services you provide all the way down to individual subscriber level.

Measure the services a customer is using and react according to the service limits they set.

Reduce costs and complexity by using a single service control system for all your service delivery platforms.

Improve customer satisfaction by monitoring their spending and reacting in real time according to policy rules you set.