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Empower your sales team to sell more, act faster, and stay relevant – any time, anywhere.

Your customer’s impression of your brand begins long before the first interaction. Buyers today are more informed, and have a wealth of choices. How does your sales team engage and win today’s empowered customer? It requires them to go beyond traditional selling, to understand customers' challenges by breaking down internal silos to forge a strong collaborative environment between sales and marketing.

Download the Aberdeen Report to learn how best-in-class companies grow faster through sales/marketing alignment.

Aberdeen Report:
Marketing / Sales Alignement – Who is Agile Enough to Win?

Gain a Competitive Edge with Sales and Marketing Alignment

Aberdeen Group research and SAP have shown that companies optimizing the marketing and sales relationship grow revenue 32% faster year-over-year, compared to those without such alignment. As a best-practice, such alignment is clearly a worthwhile pursuit, but how does one actually achieve it? For answers, look to the following actions and enablers commonly used by best-in-class organizations.

Things You Need to Know to Stay Competitive


Expanding the CRM to include marketing automation and other integrated tools yields 32% higher total sales team attainment of quota.


Best-in-class organizations are 91% more likely to deploy an enterprise social collaboration.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

SAP Hybris helps organizations to break the silos and sell more. SAP Digital CRM is a solution designed for smaller sales teams with many of the same capabilities as our enterprise cloud sales version. Try it now free for 30 days.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud helps sales teams manage leads and opportunities, perform key activities and tasks to nurture opportunities, know who key influencers are, and track performance. Sell more. Act faster. Stay relevant. Everywhere. All with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud.

See how our customers benefit from SAP Hybris
bringing sales and marketing together

Sloan Valve: Better customer insight, satisfaction, and growth with SAP Customer Engagement Solutions
Mobile applications are giving Sloan Valve complete insight at moment’s notice and on any device to provide relevant and personalized customer interactions and service their customers better. To streamline and ease the complexity of their business, Sloan Valve is leveraging SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, along with SAP Jam and SAP CRM via SAP HANA Cloud Integration.
Insight Enterprises Going Beyond CRM
SAP Hybris Sales Cloud helps Insight track what marketing is doing in order to feed that campaign information out to the sales team within minutes and drive that opportunity through the pipeline, resulting in an 18% increase in sales opportunities.
Vestas: faster response to their customers’ needs
SAP Hybris Sales Cloud allowed Vestas to be faster in responding to their customers’ needs, servicing them right the first time. By leveraging mobile capabilities to access and update customer information in real time, they expect to improve their spare parts business, drive better customer loyalty, and increase revenue.
Analyst Report
Forrester Consulting: The Total Economic Impact of SAP Jam Collaboration
SAP Jam can help businesses through social collaboration rooted in business value, by providing a centralized, cloud-based platform that can help make it easier to find and share information, reduce the time it takes for sales to close deals, improve the speed of onboarding new employees, and cut the response time of support organizations. See highlights in the infographic on the research conducted by Forrester Consulting that examines the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying SAP Jam.
Solution Brief
Sell Smarter, Anytime, Anywhere: SAP Hybris Sales Cloud
High-performing sales organizations are super-charging their sales teams with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud. Built on maximizing sales productivity, it’s an easy-to-use cloud sales application that goes beyond the traditional approach to CRM. 
Blog Post
If you want to win the digital customer, unite sales and marketing
Make every moment relevant. Empower sales reps to sell more – anytime, anywhere, on any device.