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Professional Services

Get the most from your hybris Commerce solution with service packages designed to ensure faster time to market, a system designed to meet your needs and successful project delivery.



  • Software Workshops are highly interactive sessions designed to help project stakeholders and users explore the broad functionality of the hybris Commerce Suite, understand design-planning decisions, and establish a base for requirement definition.
  • Requirements Workshop and Reviews help establish a comprehensive set of requirements that connect business needs to platform capabilities. These workshops serve as a foundation for helping you define scope and estimate project timelines.
  • Solution Architecture Workshop and Reviews help Architects and Developers design and build a system that is fit for your business needs and implement hybris best practices to ensure you get the most from your hybris solution.
  • System Performance Reviews help identify tuning and optimization opportunities to maximize the performance and eliminate potential performance bottlenecks as well as of your hybris implementation.
  • Deployment Preparation Reviews help you establish a go-live plan to remove barriers for a successful launch. The review focuses on technical and non-technical items that are essential for both internal and external coordination.

Software Workshops
Build a rock solid foundation.

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Understanding the building blocks of the platform is key to get your project off on the right start. This service package helps you identify the functional pieces that are critical to your commerce solution.
  • Take a deep look into the core features of the platform to initiate the scoping and requirements process.
  • Identify key design planning decisions.
  • Understand how to work with the hybris UI (cockpits) to perform operational functions within a commerce site such as product management, catalog hierarchies, content management, user permissions, and applying workflows.
  • Address any functional or technical questions from project participants.

Requirements Workshop and Reviews
Align for success.

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Your commerce system is poised for success when your business and technical requirements link directly with the solution’s functional capabilities. These service packages help you align your solution for optimal results.
  • Establish a comprehensive set of requirements for the implementation.
  • Align requirements to core platform functionality.
  • Review integrations and establish best practice approaches for connectivity with hybris.
  • Analyze requirements to take advantage of the hybris Commerce Accelerator.
  • Identify requirements that may require platform extension usage or customization.
  • Understand scope and sizing of planned functionality.

Solution Architecture Workshop and Reviews
Putting together the pieces.

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Making sure the pieces work properly in your system design is critical to ensure that you’re on track for deploying a site that delivers now and over time as your business expands. The Solution Architecture Workshop and Review will ensure a perfect fit of your core design components and the overall platform architecture.
  • Analysis of your design to make sure it conforms to hybris best practices.
  • Technical guidance provided by hybris consultants for the design and implementation of functionality.
  • Recommendations for improvement of existing configurations and code.
  • Evaluation and feedback regarding the overall system architecture, data model, integrations, and API usage.
  • Review of priority requirements and design to ensure the solution is fit for its business purpose.

System Performance Reviews
Plan for performance.

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Part of developing the perfect commerce site is planning for great performance. The Performance Review will help make sure your site delivers all your commerce functionality at speeds that will keep your customers browsing and buying.
  • Profile the environment under load and investigate areas in which the site is failing, underperforming, or may seem to have a bottleneck in core business functions.
  • Analyze a variety of factors including memory-handling, cache usage, and third-party interaction.
  • Identify infrastructure elements that could affect performance (e.g., virtualization).
  • Provide recommendations for configuration and code modifications.

Deployment Preparation Reviews
Begin with the end in mind.

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A well thought out and executed launch plan is essential to knock down barriers to go live.
  • Identify critical roles, tasks, and dependencies across all project participants (e.g. system implementers, I.T., internal business owners, 3rd party service providers)
  • Establish a detailed go live checklist that is reviewed as a group by all stakeholders - repeatedly.
  • Define and review critical path activities and (technical and non technical)
  • The go live plan covers items such as code deployment, application settings, production security, firewall settings, environment setup, licensing, content readiness, support contacts, system cutover sequencing, etc.)
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