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To meet customer expectations, retailers must enter the next stage of delivering their omni-channel strategy, putting focus both on improving the manner and quality of customer delivery across the entire shopping experience and also on increasing visibility across the whole business.
A recent report by RSR, [LINK TO REPORT WHEN LIVE], sponsored by hybris, reveals that new challenges, in the form of aligning the supply chain to support these needs on a practical level and helping to extend the always-on mentality across all areas of the shopping experience, have become a priority for retailers.

The report also highlights the pressures facing retailers’ IT infrastructures as a result of the new direction – whereas previously IT personnel were focussed on improving a customer journey, they now have the twofold challenge of delivering for the customers and for the business – to insure customer experience is at its best while also maintaining the quality of the supply chain. And as one rapidly evolves, the other must be suitably adaptable and, crucially, fast.
Download the RSR report to:
See how the retailers are investing in and prioritising different areas of opportunity when developing their omni-channel strategy
Understand the need to involve and strengthen the supply chain as part of this strategy
Learn about RSR’s recommendations for meeting these challenges in your own omni-channel strategy
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