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In the telco world – it’s about boosting sales and ARPU.

As a telco looking to drive sales and maximize ARPU, you need a commerce solution that addresses your specific needs. That means attracting customers in a crowded market, helping them make purchase decisions, and retaining them through the contract renewal process. It means supporting a large number of ever-changing product and service bundles. And it means innovating and scaling fast to stay ahead of the competition. hybris Commerce for Telco delivers the key capabilities telcos need to survive and thrive in today’s competitive market.
  • Deliver a multichannel customer experience to reduce churn and increase ARPU
    • The integrated hybris Multichannel Suite delivers the right content to the right people through the right channel at the right time and enables you – through behavioral targeting and personalization – to precisely target untapped profitable niches to increase conversions and ARPU.
  • Offer best-in-class online product purchasing advice
    • hybris Product Content Management (PCM) enables you to deliver rich product and service content to enhance the shopping experience, help customers find the right offering with guided selling, and flexibly control bundles, add-ons, and even complex contract renewal/upgrade processes.
  • Unlock new business opportunities – even in saturated markets
    • hybris’ built-in multi-site and multi-brand infrastructure supports niche brand strategies effectively and a rich set of B2B functionality – including support for procurement processes, organizational hierarchies, employee entitlements, volume purchasing, and enterprise-class reporting – enables you to cater to corporate customers.
  • Optimize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
    • Uncover additional revenue through cross-/up-selling and increase customer loyalty through effective marketing campaigns with targeted offers and well executed personalization.
  • Manage complex bundling and fulfillment requirements
    • hybris delivers the agility to configure and fulfill product and service bundles that are typically more complex in the telco world – with the almost continual cycle of obsolescence and complex fulfillment requirements of any single purchase – than in general retail.
  • Reduce support costs while improving service
    • Automate service capabilities – for example through self-service support and rules-based tracking and updating for equipment returns and repair – to reduce support costs and increase customer retention rates.
  • Speed time to market and reduce reliance on IT
    • hybris’ intuitive user interface enables business users to maintain content and manage workflows without requiring IT, improving agility to respond to changing conditions and helping to control overhead costs.
  • Flexible deployment options
    • You can use a traditional on-premise deployment model or, with hybris’ Managed Services, you can run your commerce operations in a fully managed private cloud.
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