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Only hybris delivers a commerce platform specifically designed to help telcos sell more phones, plans and cloud services both on the web and in the store.

Historically telcos have struggled with e-commerce platforms that are designed for retail. But telcos have unique needs:

  • ever-changing combinations of phones and plans with complex configuration requirements
  • split orders: phone to distributor, plan to provisioning, internet service to different provisioning, digital gaming content
  • fixed pricing, subscription pricing and usage pricing in the same order
  • daily additions of new products, new bundles
  • adding to their offerings “over the top” services such as video streaming and cloud services for business
  • reducing customer service costs and churn
  • manage volumes of rich content and multi-faceted product descriptions in an efficient product and services catalog
  • quickly capitalizing on new opportunities in emerging markets
To build a commerce solution that truly addresses these needs, some telcos build on basic open source components, but find costs, quality and schedules spiraling out of control, while still missing important functionality.
The hybris difference

hybris has taken the robust commerce functionality every retailer needs, ranked as the "leader" by Gartner and Forrester, and extended it with functionality that is purpose-built for specific telco needs. No other commerce platform provides this. The result:

  • Increased conversion rate and ARPU

    • Omni-channel. Even before they come to the store, your customers are researching and making their product and plan decisions online. hybris gives you one master data platform and an optimal consistent user experience in store, on the web, or on mobile devices. hybris gives you one view of your customer, and gives your customer one view of you.
    • Master data management that is more appropriate for multi-channel telcos. Our approach to MDM allows you to create a product and service catalog that not only reduces the cost of maintaining all the rich and complex content, but also increases ARPU and conversion rate. hybris offers native search engine optimization and native support for rich content and faceted search. And, as you add enhanced services, such as IPTV, to your portfolio, nothing short of our MDM approach will allow you to effectively manage your data.
    • Increased conversion rate. Use what you know about customers and new visitors to make offers that are more relevant. Precisely target untapped profitable niches. Tighten the customer relationship and reduce churn with "next best offers", recommendations and tailored eligibility.
    • Increase ARPU. Uncover additional revenue with powerful, business-user-driven cross-selling and up-selling capability.
  • Expand into new markets

    • Native B2B functionality. Only hybris delivers a rich set of B2B functionality built on the same platform – including support for procurement processes, organizational hierarchies, employee entitlements, volume purchasing, and enterprise-class reporting – enabling you to cater to corporate customers.
    • Multi-site. hybris’ built-in multi-site and multi-brand infrastructure enables telcos to quickly extend to new geographies or adopt a niche brand strategy to broaden distribution
  • Much more efficient development and operations.

    • Fastest time to value. Full-function sites can be operational in under 3 months. With hybris, you can spend more resources on custom innovations. With others, you'll spend your resources just to custom-build what hybris offers as an out-of-the-box telco solution: Complex configuration and bundling, subscription and usage pricing and split order fulfillment.
    • Empower business users. hybris’ intuitive user interface and native web content management enables business users to maintain content and manage workflows on their own, without requiring IT, speeding your response to changing conditions while controlling costs.
  • hybris is the last commerce platform you will ever need.

    • Agile architecture. All hybris components are built on a single platform that leverages open standards in a modular, service-oriented architecture. This means a more consistent user experience, faster time to value, and limitless innovation without jeopardizing maintainability and upgrades.
    • Flexible deployment models. hybris allows you the flexibility to deploy as traditional perpetual license on-premise, or as subscription-priced on-demand, or as a managed service. Telco IT departments need not trade off other priorities and are able to deliver online projects in months rather than years. And because the software is identical in any deployment model, you can move easily from one to the other as your needs change.
hybris is the future of commerce ™.
hybris is the future of telcos ™.