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Gigya Social Commerce for Hybris


Create a completely social shopping experience with Gigya’s hybris Integration Cartridge. Gigya's social technology combines the core elements that power ecommerce - product awareness and discovery coupled with customer acquisition and loyalty - into a comprehensive set of features and services that are designed to keep customers engaged as well as increase shopping cart conversions.
  1. A “super API” to connect and manage the social and identity services from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other providers

  2. Social Login: Simplify user registration and login. Social Login reduces the barriers to register and sign-in to your site, allowing users to authenticate their identity using a preferred social network account. It’s proven to increase registration rates by 20-40% and provides access to rich, first-party user data so you can create a completely personalized user experience.

  3. Social Plugins to enable turnkey social commerce Share Plugins: Integrate intuitive share plugins throughout your website or mobile application to get users sharing the right content at the right moments and increase high quality referral traffic from social networks.

    • Reactions: Reactions give users a unique way to react to your website’s content, providing users with clickable buttons such as “awesome,” “want it,” or “innovative.” Once clicked, reactions can be easily shared to social networks, or posted to Facebook as Open Graph actions. To implement, you can choose from our library of hundreds of ready-made reaction buttons, or customize your own buttons to closely match the content and look-and-feel of your website.

    • Ratings and Reviews: The Ratings & Reviews plugin gives users an easy way to post feedback and rate content or products across your site. Users can simply login with a preferred social network, site credentials or as a guest to post reviews to both your site and social networks. Posted reviews are SEO friendly and help drive social referral traffic with a link back to your site.

    • Comments: The Comments plugin lets users easily add comments to any piece of content on your site.

    • Activity Feed: The Activity Feed plugin displays your site’s most recent activity, showcasing what friends and all site visitors are doing on your site. It is fully integrated with Gigya’s Social Plugins and automatically updates when users share, comment, review and earn badges. Additional site activity like watching videos, purchasing items and reading articles can also easily be integrated with a simple API call. When an item in the feed is clicked, users are directed to the content page where the action is taking place.

  4. Social Gamification Build user loyalty by incentivizing users with points, badges and special offers for performing positive actions on your site. Gigya’s Gamification platform offers a variety of plug-and-play and fully customizable plugins that make it easy to reward and notify users, drive wanted behaviors and promote friendly competition within your site community. All Gamification plugins are fully integrated with Gigya’s entire product suite and Social Analytics.

  5. Analytics Gigya’s Social Analytics provide key insight into registration, syndication, engagement, gamification and influential users across your site. Within the Social Analytics dashboard, you can access over 20 reports that offer comprehensive metrics on your users’ social and on-site activity. Such reports pull data from all social networks and identity providers to deliver intelligence on social engagement, word-of-mouth traffic and user behaviors.

Partner Information
Gigya’s Connected Consumer Management Suite enables the world’s largest brands, including Pepsi, Verizon and ABC to understand and connect more closely with today’s mobile and socially connected consumers. Our technology helps businesses access, consolidate and manage permission-based identity and behavior data, while providing deep customer insights that turn data into action.