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Munich – 23 January 2012

hybris Announces Multichannel Accelerator for the B2B Market

...empowering B2B organizations to quickly implement, sell more and grow globally...

hybris, a leading provider of eCommerce and multichannel communication software, today announced the availability of hybris Multichannel Accelerator specifically for the B2B sector. The hybris Multichannel Accelerator enables organizations to build a future-proof multichannel commerce solution. It provides a true multichannel foundation that integrates Web, Customer Service, Print, Mobile and Social Commerce. Multichannel Accelerator allows organizations to extend the channel functionality as and when they need to. Starting with an online store, they can easily move toward multichannel commerce by adding additional channels from the hybris Multichannel Suite. This ready-to-use solution has been tailored to the unique needs of B2B organizations. It delivers all the best-practice tools required for the management of complex B2B relationships and the specific needs of multi-layered B2B multichannel selling. The hybris Multichannel Accelerator empowers B2B organizations to deliver a best-practice multichannel solution in less time and at a lower cost, enabling them to benefit from strategic growth across channels and global regions.

Speaking about the announcement, Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris, said; “Considering how successful retailers have been in utilizing multichannel commerce for communicating and selling to their customers, the B2B market, by and large, has yet to make this a reality. While there are undoubtedly greater complexities involved for the B2B market than the B2C, the simple truth applies for both: the success of acquiring and retaining customers depends heavily on the ability to deliver exactly what it is that they want.”

The hybris Multichannel Accelerator is the world's first ready-to-use Multichannel solution that is based on centralized Product Content Management. This enables organizations to manage their product information in one place and to distribute it to multiple channels in a consistent way. Additionally an integrated Order Management Module allows them to collect and manage orders being placed across channels on a single hub. An organization will have a single view of customers’ buying history and their behavior. Hence they will be able to offer a consistent and integrated shopping experience to their customers no matter in which channel they are purchasing.

“Following the extremely positive response from the industry in 2011 with the launch of hybris Multichannel Accelerator for B2C, we developed a B2B specific version of the solution which enables B2B organizations to rapidly replicate the success being had by the B2C market,” Lüdi, continued. “It drastically reduces the time needed to develop a fully functioning B2B online store and provides B2B companies with a feature-rich, centralized multichannel solution which will speed up time-to-market with new products. To deliver on all-important customer expectations, the solution provides B2C-class marketing and merchandizing capabilities necessary to create an engaging customer experience.”

hybris Multichannel Accelerator allows organizations to expand functionality over time, add more sites, introduce more products and address niche segments – all vital in supporting global growth. The solution also holds significant benefits for implementation partners. Following a rapid implementation thanks to its ready-to-use framework, Multichannel Accelerator then enables partners to ramp-up quickly through both the working best-practice storefront and the extensive documentation resources outlining both the functional and technical specification. Built with code quality, the solution allows partners to modify each project quickly to specifically meet individual organizations’ business requirements.

Lüdi, concluded, “As the Multichannel Accelerator is built on hybris' multichannel foundation it gives our partners the ability to support their customers in their future plans, moving them towards true multichannel commerce by adding those additional modules from the hybris Multichannel Suite.”

For more information about hybris Multichannel Accelerator, please click here.