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Key Challenges in Healthcare Challenges and recommended next steps for Healthcare Payors and Providers Infographic
Communities Impact on the Customer Experience Watch this video to learn the key issues that customer communities help to solve to create a loyal, engaged customer-base. Video
Trek Bicycle Corporation brings bikes and gear directly to
customers with SAP Hybris Commerce
Trek Bicycle Corporation works with SAP Hybris to launch a centralized commerce shop, giving customers direct access to their bikes and gear online. Video
Vibracoustic: Managing Complex Sales Planning Globally with SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Sales Take a look at how this German manufacturer of antivibration solutions for the automotive industry enabled its employees to forecast how sales would develop globally with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales. Case Study
Healthcare: Insights & opportunities in the managed care industry Healthcare providers and payers should be prepared to make comprehensive and integrated changes to their digital landscape. Knowledge Capsule
SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Real-Time Customer Profiling SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud features dynamic customer profiling capabilities that pull from online and offline sources to build an evolving picture of your customers that you can use to engage them more effectively. Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Segmentation & Campaign Execution SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud lets you easily identify the right target audience for your campaigns and personalize your messages across multiple channels so you can reach the right customers at the right moments. Product Collateral
End-to-End Digital Commerce and Billing Integration

A rich commerce experience meets robust subscription billing functionality

Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud and Facebook Overview SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud makes one-to-one marketing on Facebook simple. Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Marketing Analytics With Marketing Analytics, you can drive your marketing activities based on performance and ROI. Manipulate and explore the data in real-time and easily monitor your marketing performance. Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Billing, charging

Bring competitive subscription and metered services to market with flexible pricing management.

Product Collateral
Facebook Marketing: Optimizing Customer Engagements with SAP Hybris Facebook Marketing: Optimizing Customer Engagements with SAP Hybris. AVAILABLE ON DEMAND. Webcast
Transform Retail Execution with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales Retail Execution Transform retail visits and win – with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, retail execution. Product Collateral
6 Steps to Maximize Facebook Marketing with SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud Learn how to maximize your Facebook marketing with SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud. Check out this infographic. Infographic
Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce 2016 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Digital Commerce (2016). Analyst Report
Strategy Guide to Build the Right Marketing Technology Develop a the best marketing technology (MarTech) strategy for your organization. White Paper
SAP Hybris Billing, subscription order management When delivering subscription-based products and services, you need to be able to manage customer contracts flexibility. You need to get a clear profile of your customers to create effective targeted offers that increase their lifetime value. Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Solution Brief for Public Sector Explore the SAP Hybris solution for digital citizen engagement in the public sector. Industry Solution Brief
Boosting Buyer Confidence Drives eCommerce Success Learn how customer communities enable greater buyer confidence, which is the catalyst for building lasting customer relationships. Download the complimentary study now. White Paper
Deliver End to End Service Excellence with SAP Hybris Cloud for Service Meet the needs of today’s empowered customer, by delivering a consistent, omni-channel service experience across the entire customer journey, with SAP Hybris Cloud for Service. Industry Solution Brief
SAP Hybris Executive Overview This document gives you an overview of the key features and business benefits of the SAP Hybris solutions. Product Collateral
Top 5 Commerce Platform Considerations Ask yourself these five key questions to make sure your commerce platform meets the needs of a digital world. Infographic
SAP Hybris Citizen Engagement Accelerator Deliver a consistent, intuitive citizen experience across all channels, wherever your citizens connect with the SAP Hybris Citizen Engagement Accelerator. Product Collateral
SAP Hybris Billing SAP Hybris Billing enables you to adapt to whichever strategy you choose, so you can deliver a better customer experience on the front end, while handling the end to end order-to-cash process behind the scenes. Product Collateral
Drive Greater Marketing Impact by Leveraging Customer Communities Learn how customer communities can capture deeper customer insight to achieve greater marketing success. Download the complimentary study now. White Paper
Forrester Consulting: Supporting the Online Customer Journey through Communities  Learn how customer communities seamlessly link all phases of the customer life cycle. Download the complimentary executive summary now. White Paper
Buffalo David Bitton: Offering customers speed and ease of use with the SAP Hybris Commerce solution Learn how Buffalo David Bitton offered its customers speed and ease of use with SAP Hybris Commerce. Case Study
Go Beyond CRM What does it mean to go beyond CRM? It’s about creating a single view of your customer and then using that context to engage in the moment. Video
Three Ways to Optimize a Mobile First Experience Download this paper to learn about the three approaches to deliver mobile first experience to your customers. White Paper
Transforming e-commerce platform to boost customer satisfaction and sales with SAP Hybris solutions Learn how The Chamberlain Group chose for SAP Hybris Commerce to boost customer satisfaction and sales. Case Study
The New Age of Individual Automotive The proliferation of web-enabled technology, paired with the need to singularize each supplier-customer relationship is transforming the industry. Every transaction now needs to be a one-to-one activity. Knowledge Capsule
Alfanar: Building Dynamic Sales and Service Teams with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Alfanar, a Saudi Arabian engineering and construction firm gave its sales reps a 360-degree view of customers with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales and SAP Hybris Cloud for Service. Video
National Hockey League: Engaging Fans and Retaining Site Visitors 45% Longer by Partinering with SAP Hybris Solutions and services from SAP help the NHL engage its fans through more relevant marketing. Case Study
Agrokor: Launching a spellbinding new e-commerce brand based on SAP Hybris Commerce Earn how offers customers in the Croatian market an outstanding shopping experience with SAP Hybris Commerce Case Study
IPH Group: Providing a consistent, seamless purchasing experience with SAP Hybris Solutions. Learn how IPH uses SAP Hybris Commerce to provide a seamless shopping experience on all channels. Case Study
HSE24: Cutting Lead Time for Campaigns From Weeks to Hours with SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hana HSE24: Cutting Lead Time for Campaigns From Weeks to Hours with SAP Hybris Marketing Case Study
Li-Ning: Boosting sales with SAP Hybris B2C Commerce Learn how Li-Ning gained online-to-offline (O2O) capabilities with SAP Hybris and attune Consulting. Case Study
Customers Sell Smarter and Faster with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales Hear Highlights from Five SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales Customers. Video
Omnichannel Customer Engagement This Vlog is the fourth in a series for the Utilities sector. We will cover how to establish a true omnichannel customer service platform to delight your customers. Video
IDC Pan European Digital Executive Summit 2016 - Expanding Business in the Digital Age Watch the interview between IDC analysts and Renaud Sibel on expanding the business in the digital age and monetizing the digital transformation. Video
Maui Jim: Personalizing customer experience & expanding globally with SAP Hybris Learn how Maui Jim chose SAP Hybris to help provide a more flexible platform to better serve end customers and allow the company to quickly scale its presence on the market. Case Study
Dramatically increasing online hits and revenue with SAP Hybris Commerce, cloud edition Learn how Annie Selke looked to SAP Hybris Commerce to merge its multiple websites into a single, scalable platform. Case Study
The Automotive Marketplace Revs Higher - SAP Hybris Solution Brief Developments across the automotive industry are completely changing the business. The major sectors impacted are: dealer ecosystem, world of the driver/owner and the aftermarket economy. Industry Solution Brief
Commerce Platform: Top 5 Checklist A comparison checklist of top 5 considerations when deciding on a digital commerce strategy White Paper
SAP Hybris Convert – Most Effective Marketing Channels Most Effective Marketing Channels - Change your re-targeting strategy and benefit from 10% conversion rates. Video
QIAGEN: Improving the customer experience with SAP Hybris solutions Learn how QIAGEN improved the sales process and customer experience with SAP Hybris Commerce Industry: high-tech, life sciences, medical healthcare Case Study
Expanding into new online markets provides massive revenue growth for Tumi Listen how TUMI expanded its retail presence with SAP Hybris Commerce Case Study
Digital Merchandising Christian Rohr from SAP Hybris, shares insights on the challenges and secrets of effective digital merchandising and the key features and business benefits of SAP Hybris Merchandising. Video
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