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Overview: SAP Hybris Customer Experience

For organizations today, the bar for customer engagement has been raised. It takes more to win and retain loyal customers; standard, mass-segmentation driven content and experiences are not enough. Customers are looking for high-quality, relevant content within tailored, contextual experiences based on their available historical customer data and current buying journey data.
Overview: hybris Customer Experience

SAP Hybris Customer Experience is designed to enable retailers, resellers, and manufacturers to provide contextual experiences to their customers with an integrated, intelligent and automated content management solution. It facilitates the delivery of dynamic, targeted and consistent offers and messages to customers and their buying needs, regardless of touchpoint.

Fully integrated with SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Merchandising, and SAP Hybris Digital Asset Management by OpenText, SAP Hybris Customer Experience is a a flexible and extensible Content Management System. It goes beyond what a typical content management solution does today by providing a 360 degree perspective of the customer to present relevant content dynamically based upon customer context.

The Customer Experience solution uniquely provides dynamic delivery of content, from merchandising to offers automatically. Instead of utilizing point solutions that optimize the experience at the glass, the native targeting and personalization capabilities of Customer Experience enable real-time, 1-to-1 personalized digital experiences that scale.

Why choose SAP Hybris Customer Experience?
  • Enable Contextual Experiences
    Create exceptional, contextual omni-channel experiences using customer preferences, interactions, predictive analytics, and business rules – all from a single business tool.
  • Deliver Consistent and Relevant content
    Deliver consistent and relevant content regardless of channel or touchpoint.
  • Develop Engaging Content
    Develop engaging content with an easy-to-use and modern toolset, supporting all types of rich media content.
  • Deliver Relevant and Timely Offers
    Deliver relevant and timely offers that are effective and shape the customer journey, from discovery to advocacy.
  • Engage Visitors
    Drive conversion and engage visitors with personalized messages, search results, promotions, recommendations, product reviews.

SAP Hybris Customer Experience Data Sheet SAP Hybris Customer Experience Data Sheet
Data Sheet
SAP Hybris Customer Experience Data Sheet
Build great, highly contextualized customer experiences with SAP Hybris’ next generation web content management system SAP Hybris Customer Experience.
Customer Experience Data Sheet
We are now in an era where customer engagement is a top of mind initiative for businesses across the spectrum. Reimagining CRM, finding ways to interact in a more personalized way with customers and being able to understand how a customer is thinking and acting so that intelligent actions can be taken is the way of this new world. SAP's focus on this is smart — very smart in fact — and makes the choices that customers have when it comes to technology that much richer.
Paul Greenberg, President, The 56 Group